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男底色.pngI would like to exchange  money into German currency please. 

女底色.pngCertainly. How much will you be exchanging today?

男底色.pngHow about 50,000. Would that be a problem? 

女底色.pngThat’s a hefty amount. But that should have no problem at all. You should be aware that there is a ten-percent service charge, though.

男底色.pngTen percent! Now that’s hefty! 

女底色.pngWait a minute… do you have an account with us?

男底色.pngYes I is my account number. 

女底色.pngFor members, there is a small transaction charge, but it’s only 5 dollars per transaction. Any particular denomination?

男底色.png3,000 marks in hundreds and the rest in tens and twenty’s, please.

女底色.pngHere you are Mr. Lee. Will there be anything else?

男底色.pngNo, thank you.