Learning English Sentences Everyday(44)

1. Now with the new laws in effect and social awareness increasing, we are sure to turn things around.

Key Points: turn around
(1). It is moved so that it faces the opposite direction
Turn around and let me look at your back.
He turned his chair around to face the window.
(2). produce
They can turn around 100 shirts in less than 24 hours.
(3). turn around and say/ tell
I complained about it, but they turned around and said it was my fault.

2. Hi, Laura. Long time no see! What have you been up to lately?

Key Points: Up to
(1). to the most
Up to five people can sleep in my car.
(2). until
Up to now she’s been quite calm.
(3). be capable of
I’m afraid he isn’t up to the job.
(4). meet the standard
His latest paper isn’t up to his usual standard.

3. It’s high time we talked some sense into her.

Key Points: It’s high time…
(1). It’s high time for sth.
It’s high time for lunch.
(2). It’s high time ( for sb.)to do sth.
It’s high time to go!
It’s high time for us to cheer up.
(3). It’s high time sb. should do/ It’s high time sb. did sth
It’s high time you thought about getting married.
It’s high time that I should make the decision.

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