Talk: Do You Offer Any Discounts?


/If you don’t understand any word or sentence, you can copy to translate/

男底色.pngI love your little Lulu dolls. How much for a batch of 6,000?

女底色.pngFor a batch of 6,000 we would charge two dollars a doll .your total cost would be $12,000.

男底色.pngThat’s a little steep for our company. Do you offer any discounts ? 

女底色.pngWell,we’d like to work with you. If you ordered a larger quantity we could drop the price a little .Can you increase your order to 15,000?

男底色.pngHmm. It wouldn’t be easy ,but if the discount makes it worthwhile ,we can consider it.How much of a discount would that give us? 

女底色.pngFor order of 12,000 or more we charge only $1.5 a doll. your total cost would be $18,000.

男底色.pngSo, for an additional 6,000 dollars,we get twice as many dolls ?That still might be a little hard. Couldn’t you discount it further?We’ve been pricing other suppliers,and this discount might not be that competitive.

女底色.pngWe do value your business.I think I can offer a further discount –say 5%?

男底色.png I think we can handle that .Let me confirm with my boss and touch base with you again tomorrow. 


Look forward to your reply!

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