Traveling English: Shopping in USA

1. I’m just browsing. When answer “Are you looking for something?”, if you don’t wanna buy anything at that time, you can say “I’m just browsing.” or “I’m just looking.” If you are looking for a sweater, you could say “I’m looking for a sweater. Could you help me?” or “Do you have any sweater?”
2. May I try this on? If you wanna try some clothes on, you can ask like that. You can ask shopping guides “Where is the fitting room?”
3. I like this tank top. It goes with my baggy jeans.
4. Could you help me pick up a dress?
5.I just want to buy some off-the-rack clothes. Off-the-rack is the clothes that is cheap and there are many similar kinds.
6. This shirt is very stylish and not very expensive.
7. I don’t think this one will fit me. You can also say “It’s not my size.” or “It won’t fit me.”
8. Your clothes don’t match.
9. Let me ring that up for you. We usually say “check out” to mean paying the bills.

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