Learning English Sentences Everyday(41)

1. The performance is said to be excellent and with a student’s discount, the tickets will be really cheap.

Key Points: Be said to (to indicate that it is objective)
(1). be supposed to…
You are supposed to be here at nine.
(2). It is believed that…
It is believed that we will definitely win the prize,
(3). It must be admitted that…
It must be admitted that for the present we are inferior to our competitors in technical equipment.

2. Well, can’t you drop one course and pick it up next semester?

Key Points: Pick up
(1) pick up = clean up
I’ve got to pick this room up beFore the guests arrive.
(2). Business gets better
The hotel business always picks up in summer.
(3). Learn it himself/ herself
Bob has never had a French teacher; he picked the language up by himself.
(4). Hear or see
The dog’s sense of hearing is so sharp that it can pick up the sound from afar.
(5). Speed up
The train picked up speed.

3. We are already running in the red.

Key Points: Red ( run in the red)
(1). expressions with colors
green hand
in the white
mark with a white stone
black and white

4. I spent a whole week searching on the net, but came up with nothing valuable.

Key Points: Come up
(1). comp up with
The scientists are beating their brains trying to come up with a solution to the problem.
(2). No one has come up with a convincing explanation of why dinosaurs die out.

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