1. That depends on how your condition reacts to our treatment.

Key Points: depend
(1). depend upon
They depend on me for living.
(2). That (It all) depends.
Sometimes we’re busy and sometimes we’re not so busy.That (It all)depends

2. As far as I know,she is good at anything but electronics.

Key Points: be good at sth./ doing sth. ; anything but
(1)be good at sth./ doing sth.
She is good at physics.
I’m good at playing tennis.
(2). anything but = definitely not/ not……at all
That old bridge is anything but safe.
David is an honest man. He is anything but a hypocrite.

3. Well,you can make it up. Another presentation on the same topic is scheduled for the same time next Monday.

Key Points: make up
(1). make peace
Let’s make up.
(2). clear up
You should make up your bed every morning.
(3). apply cosmetics
She made up her face to look prettier.

4. I feel like a fish out of water doing that job.

Key Points: fish
(1). a fish out of water (a person who is unfamiliar with the new environment)
At the conference I was a fish out of water. All the speeches were in French, a language I never studied.
(2) to teach a fish how to swim
My son, fresh out of college, keeps telling me how to run my business. But I’ve been making good money for 30 years so he’s teaching a fish how to swim.
(3) fish out
Hey, there is a man dropped into the river. Go and fish him out!