Good Looks Matters in Workplace!

When it comes to your wages, do looks matter? A new study says yes.
The researchers found that overall, men and women who were considered more attractive earned more money than their less-attractive counterparts. But when grooming was factored in for men, the numbers evened out.
At several points during the study, the participants sat down for in-depth interviews, and at the end of each interview, the interviewers rated the attractiveness of the participants as unattractive, average, attractive or very attractive. In addition, the interviewers rated how well groomed they thought the participants were on a similar four-point scale: poorly groomed, average grooming, well groomed or very well groomed.
The researchers found that overall, attractive people earned about 20 percent more money than “average” people.
In addition, when the researchers compared people of the same level of attractiveness to one another, they found that well-groomed people earned more money than poorly groomed people.
One possible explanation for this effect is that putting effort into one’s appearance signals that a person will put effort into other activities, such as his or her job, the researchers said.

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