1. There must be a problem with the computing system.It should be straightened out in a couple of hours.

Key Points: straightened out = solve the problem
(1). straighten sb. out = make sb. behave
They are trying to help those kids straighten themselves out.
(2). straighten sth. out = solve
There are a few things that need straightening out.
(3). straighten sth. up = clean
You can’t go out till you straighten up your room.
(4). straighten up = become better person
You’d better straighten up, boy.

2. I couldn’t have won the award without your assistance.

Key Points: could have done (subjunctive mood)
(1)must have + done sth.
Mary has gone to work, but her bicycle is still hers.She must have gone by bus.
(2). would like to have done sth.
I would like to have read the article, but I was very busy then.
(3). needn’t have done sth.
I dressed very warmly for the trip,but I needn’t have done so.The weather was hot.
(4). ought to/should have done sth.
You ought to have been more careful in this experiment.
He ought not to have thrown the old clothes away.

3. So you must leave some room in scheduling your time.

Key Points: schedule
(1). schedule v.& n.
a. Don’t worry; that’s a flexible schedule.
b. I scheduled an exam for this afternoon.
(2). ahead of schedule = in advance
a. The building is completed ahead of schedule.
b. The train arrived five minutes ahead of schedule.