Learning English Sentences Everyday(38)

1. I wonder if you would do me a favor and tell the professor I’ve lost my voice so I can’t attend this morning’s class.

Key Points: Do me a favor ( ask others to help you)/ lose one’s voice
(1). eg: Would you please do me a favor?/ Who can do me a favor?
(2). lose one’s voice
lose one’s heart
lose one’s temper
lose one’s appetite
lose one’s breath

2. But I’d rather spend my college days finding out what children are interested in.

Key Points: I’d rather = I would/had rather
(1) Tom prefers reading to talking. ( =Tom would rather read than talk.)
(2) He prefers wine to beer. ( = He would rather drink wine than beer.)
(3) I’d prefer to fly. ( =I’d rather fly.)

3. I didn’t realize my mistake until I entered the office.

Key Points: Not…until
(1). He didn’t go to sleep until 12 last night.
(2). Not until we pointed out their fault to them did they realize it.

4. That’s the only thing I did not give up halfway.

Key Points: Give
(1) give in
He has given in to my views.
Please give in your examination papers now.
(2). give away
If you give away this secret, I’ll punish you.

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