1. He might have used better words to express his ideas.But I’ve found what he said makes a lot of sense.

Key Points: Sense
(1) It doesn’t make ( any ) sense. = meaningless
You didn’t go to the concert? It doesn’t make any sense-you are a huge fan of Jane.
(2). common sense = general knowledge
It is common sense that the earth goes around the sun.

2. It would be a shame for anyone visiting Australia not to see this unique creation in architecture.

3. I am considering dropping my dancing class.I am not making any progress.

Key Points: Make progress / drop
(1). drop behind = fall behind
She dropped behind the rest of the class during her long illness.
(2). drop off = decrease
Sales dxopped off in the fourth quarter.
(3). drop by = visit
Please drop by any time you are in down

4. I think there are still a few openings suitable for seniors like you.

Key Points: senior
(1) older than others
Her sister is her senior by three years.
(2). colleagues who take control of your job
He was appreciated by his seniors.
(3). a player full of experience
He is the coach of those tennis seniors.