Writing Club: The Feedback of the Theme Writing “Love for the First Time”

Last week’s writing is about “Love for the first time”. It took me so long to read your writing carefully. Why? Because all your love stories are impressive, showing you true feelings. Everyone is unique, and every story is special. Some are sweet memories, some are touching but with regrets, some are totally sad stories. When we fall in love for the very first time, we are not mature as we think. So there are many possibilities – sweet, happy, or sad.
Here is the most beautiful sentence (I think) to share with you-
When you meet the one among the millions, when amid millions of years, across the borderless wastes of time, you happen to catch him or her, neither a step too early nor a step too late, what else is there to do except to ask softy:
“So you’re here, too?”
As when it comes to love, we can all become Shakespeare at once. Whether you are waiting for love or in a love relationship, you are all blessed with the best half. Every one deserves his/ her own happiness. So don’t be upset when you are waiting, and enjoy every moment when you fall in love. And what if you met the wrong guy and suffered a lot? You have to believe that only by shaking off the wrong person can you get your true half.
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As we can’t show your whole love stories here, here are some nice sentences that we want to share with you:
(From Abeed basheer) When her face gets revealed, (we can see)her eyes are as wine cups ,her face is like blossoms of the spring…Love word itself is a magic, it flows through the vains of every creation and (it is) the last hope of mankind.
(From Sonu) The time you were in love is the most precious time , but after that, your bad time will start . And you will cry night , sleepless nights . But still love is like a Drug .

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