Learning English Sentences Everyday(35)

1. I don’t know why I let you talk me into going.

Key Points: Talk sb. into/ out of sth/ doing sth
(1) Have you tried talking him into / joining our club?
(2) I talked him out of / working for his boss, after he fulfilled the contract there.
(3). a little
I could do with a spot of beer。
(4). spotlight
He stood alone on stage in the spot.

2. I can’t take a bite without calculating how many calories I am taking.

Key Points: Take a bite = bite/ have a try
(1) bite me = leave me alone/ go away
What’s biting you?= What’s wrong with you?
(2). bite the dus t= to be killed in battle
It was such a serious battle that all the soldiers bit the dust.

3. They promise to keep an eye on the house for us.

Key Points: keep an eye on = keep watching sth.
(1) keep body and soul together= live a poor life
He is so poor that he cannot keep body and soul together.
(2). keep it to yourself = keep secrets
You should keep it to yourself-otherwise you’ll be in big trouble.
(3). keep my fingers crossed = pray
I will keep my f ngers crossed for you today.
(4). keep one’s head above water = live without a dollar of debt
Earning barely enough to support the family, father was quite happy only if he could keep his head above water.
(5). keep one’s shirt on = keep calm
Keep your shirt on, Harry; we have plenty of time to catch the train.

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