Writing Club: Let’s Write About “Death”!

Last week we set our writing theme “love for the first time“, and of course, many of you have expressed unique feelings of young love. Love, building the mysterious relationships between men and women, fulfill our spirits. Then this week, we shall encourage you to discuss on a even more mysterious topic-death.
So here are the requirements:
1. Write about “death“. Death is a unavoidable stage of human life. We may never figure out what is death. But we always fear that one day we will face our own death. In our lives, we have seen so many people come and go. What’s your understanding of death? Because the death is unknown, we live our lives to the best we can, to enjoy the colorful cultures and grand world.writing club
2. Original, simple but organized. Try to make fewer mistakes by checking your spelling when you finish. And you should write within 200 words. You can write poems if you want to.
3. 3 days for writing. Next Wednesday(Nov. 15th) will be the last day for this writing practice.
4. Post your articles in the comment area below.
We will read your articles carefully, giving feedback soon. By the way, you are encouraged to interact with others in the comment area, helping each other learn English.
We hope you enjoy our writing club!

Look forward to your reply!

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  • Death is a destiny . It is not the death that we fear but the way we die which is our mystery. We fear the total loss . We fear the must escape from our beloved. We fear the before and after pain. We fear the unknown .

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  • One day we will be die! It’s strange. But we have some time. So enjoy your life without any stress. Without you does not matter anything .

  • There are two truth in this world,one is birth and another is death.on this earth all living things leave their body and die one day.No one is immortal.Birth means a beginning of a new life and death means an end of your life.Never fear about death, birth and death is a process but the only main thing is “life-the time period between birth to death”.just forget about death and make your life beautiful,do what you love,spread love and make yourself and other people happy, never hurt anyone.

  • Death is an ultimate destination for all mortals. Its an inevitable truth we all have to face. Death is mysterious and crams us with fear however, it is something no one can deny and surpass even if he is the rich or the poor. It is a solitary thing which is garanteed.
    Everyone has different perceptions about death, diffrent way of pondering about death.
    Firstly, for some people death is a new beginning. On the contrary, for some its an end.
    Secondly, death is something no one can skip and most horrified thing is that no one knows when his last breath comes.
    Life and death are two faces of same coin so i consider to live life grand size and embrace all opportunity before we die.

  • Death is big truth of life. which can’t be neglected no one know that when he will face this truth. Everyone know that it’s a truth but even they are trying to Be alive we work in our whole only for collecting money that we does all the possible thing which can be done by us for money either it’s wrong or right we never thinks about life that in this race we lossing our precious time of life. This money give us nothing we can’t take it with us but still we are running for this. So all of us should think about the our life and time which is more precious. Moral: Zindagi to ek bewafa h saath chhod ke jayegi maut wo hasina h jo apne saath leke jayegi……

  • I was afraid from death but now a day i realised that why i got afraid from death.. Death is a natural procees.. No one can stop it.. I know and every one known that one day we will pass away from this world.. After studying these things.. I came to on the conclusions that after the death what will happened in these inverses with us or with our death body… I got more interested, what happened after death.. And these curiosity gave me hope to face death and also i will get knowledge about spirit and evils after death.. My curiosity will fulfilled only after my death so fear of my death is gone way from life.. I suggest every one’s to take curiosity in her or him mysterious of life or death so these curiosity gave you confident and encourage to didn’t worried about death..

  • What is death this is a mystery. Even if I will die then what about my soul… Nobody knows about my soul! Where it will be sent?Who will send it? It’s a mystery about death.i think it will be interesting to die. But equally I have a fear about death because I don’t want to die. It will be so painful to leave this life. But after some more painful incident I think it will be not painful.. So enjoy your pains and ready for the death 💀

  • what is death ? no one know what is death but every one fear of death they fear of completeli distory and death is true everyone may get dath today or any day nobody know so every time injoy your life don’t make it worse

  • Death is a unforgettable truth of body, it every are knows!
    What the really is a mystery?
    Let’s think what is? Nothing nothing and everything
    Life only for four days ,
    And it’s last days so enjoy the last moment of life…. Think about be happy, life never will back!

  • Death is the scary word to the people.it is ultimate stage of life but everyone wants to live and never want to go back there, where they came from.but sometimes when a person feel dead inside then he feel no fear of death he thinks like death is nothing for him he just wants to go back. No one knows tha secret of death, everyone wants to know that what is happened to us after death because of our sins, our rough going life, no worries about anything, we just live for once so we did not think about the future. We should feel the fear of death then we will be stop sinning and may be after that successful living we got fearless.

  • Death is a death !!
    Everyone will die it is fact !!
    Who know when it will come !!
    But definitely it will come !!
    Death is route between birth and death !!
    But no one know the route it is fact!!
    Technology might be advance !!
    But avoidance of death is no chance !!
    Death may not come today, tomorrow !!
    But when it come it give sorrow !!
    It’s law of nature, everything comes definitely go !!
    Then why we should worry so !!
    No one know when death come to near !!
    So don’t fear and enjoy present life my dear !!
    People say birth give death !!
    I say death give chance to get birth!!

    By S P Mehta

  • “Death”,simply end of ones life. We can say that those who took birth, he\she must have to die.Death is actually end of your precious life along with your family,friends,memories,love,identity(in case you are not a renowned person) etc.
    Death is last stage when we leave the birth place but people die several times in their whole life.Here i am talking about the coward people who dies every second due to fear of being theft,robbed,killed,fear to do risky works,afraid to face the opponent etc.When we do the above mentioned thing we are not alive but dead.
    We each people are born in this world with different mission and we are send by our almighty god and goddesses to fulfill those missions. But most of us fails and few of us pass and they were remembered for thousand of years for their great works and deeds and such people never died because only the body of him\her has died not the soul,work he\she did for the welfare of people.
    Our actual death is lost of ones identity from village,city and nation because of our bad works.
    And offcourse, death is unavoidable stage of human life.

  • Death is the part of our live . As is a child gets birth so is a humen get death.
    If you have dare to tackle any problem so you can defeat your own problem but you cant defeat death.
    No body knows that when he will die .but we one day we will die . Everyone knows that.

    Thats why people like enjoy there all and every day of there live..and why should we not . We have only one day . It’s a blessing of the god.

  • Death Is A truth of life nobody knows what a exact time of our death But God knows every thing Death is a meeting time of our god so in other words it can say that thought of a human bieng can never ever explain about death…..

  • Death is an unexpected done in the personal life.
    We can’t expect how will die.
    Sometimes so many person’s they get accident and other person’s will get natural death.
    All of the world is thinking natural death.
    Death is to get sometimes health problems. which time will death is come no one don’t know.

  • The whole world contains diverse religions containing peoples and every religion has different point of view towards death. According to hindu culture and religion, it is written in the ritual books that our bodies are formed from five main elements of the universe EARTH, FIRE, WATER, AIR, and SPACE. Bodies have been created from these five elements and during death these five elements will have dispersed in the universe.Our soul never dies, destroys, or creates. It remains constant and same regardless of how our ages. During death our soul just changes the clothes like us.


  • Death is the truth of life.its always a mystery. But we all know that one day everyone should face the death .Actually in other words we can say death also a new beginning of life cycle .so live life happy & avoid negativity .

  • Yeah death.everyone gonna die in 1 day cause its in nature everything has its end so always do good and good with peoples then death dont do bad with you after death your soul will be happy and peaceful cause of your good thing in the world so try hard to do good things and do good with people and dont fear to death cause its the truth of life and yeah bitter truth

  • Death is as truth as birth. If birth happens, definitely death also happens. We people cannot avert death so I think we should not be afraid of death but keep in own mind as much as we have time, we enjoy it and fulfill our wishes.
    In broad sense, as per hindu religious text, a human is composed of two components. First one is soul which is neither created nor destroyed while it goes out of one body and goes to someone else’s body. Second one is physical component (body) which consists of five elements; earth, water, air and ether. After death body converts in these five elements. Thus this phenomenon keeps moving.
    Overall death warns don’t indulge in ‘sin’. Whereas we must be generous and spread love.
    Thank you…….

  • death 💀 death death most of us fear is death, death is the faith given by god
    now I am going to write a poem about death,
    death, death, death death is the devil,
    people would ran away when they hear the word evil.
    Nothing is permanent in this World, everything is temporary.
    so everyone has a death.
    accept the death has a delight.

  • What people forget in their life death remind them that life is short and time waits for none. Death may be the end of one’s life but it is the beginning, twist, turn to another’s life. After death what happens no one knows anything, but death is true fact of life. We can’t escape from death. So living life which is full of confusion and fear is dead itself, hence live a life where there is no regrets of such life and accept death with a little smile and satisfaction.

  • Death… The word itself creates a sense of fear among us. We know that death is inevitable for every single living being. It is the truth that we grow up with. We are so familiar with this word that at times we underestimate it, only to understand it’s importance when it’s too late. People need to understand that maybe death is the only truth that we’ve ever heard in our entire lives. We never know what life is, maybe it’s just a labyrinth that lures us with its different beautiful illusions. For me death is not the end but a new beginning. A new beginning to a better world. So instead of fearing it and wasting our time, it is better to help mankind with our work and become immortal in the history of life and death.

  • Death is a big prank which looks beautiful when one is broken & on the other it’s like a devil we all fear of…

  • Death is a gateway to another world. It is a reality from which no one can deny and no one can escape from death. Phenomena of death is not so complex to understand it is the common experience that any thing that’s came into being whether its belongs to living thing or non living thing has to be vanished one day yet knowing this reality non of us wants to meet death.

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