Last week we set our writing theme “love for the first time“, and of course, many of you have expressed unique feelings of young love. Love, building the mysterious relationships between men and women, fulfill our spirits. Then this week, we shall encourage you to discuss on a even more mysterious topic-death.
So here are the requirements:
1. Write about “death“. Death is a unavoidable stage of human life. We may never figure out what is death. But we always fear that one day we will face our own death. In our lives, we have seen so many people come and go. What’s your understanding of death? Because the death is unknown, we live our lives to the best we can, to enjoy the colorful cultures and grand world.writing club
2. Original, simple but organized. Try to make fewer mistakes by checking your spelling when you finish. And you should write within 200 words. You can write poems if you want to.
3. 3 days for writing. Next Wednesday(Nov. 15th) will be the last day for this writing practice.
4. Post your articles in the comment area below.
We will read your articles carefully, giving feedback soon. By the way, you are encouraged to interact with others in the comment area, helping each other learn English.
We hope you enjoy our writing club!