Learning English Sentences Everyday(34)

1. Right,well,in the studio this morning,for our interview spot is Peter Wilson.

Key Points: Spot
(1) a particular place or area, especially a pleasant place where you spend time
That park is an ideal spot for a picnic.
(2). a round area
There are some spots of paint on the carpet.
(3). a little
I could do with a spot of beer。
(4). spotlight
He stood alone on stage in the spot.

2. Well,people may think differently of your methods but there’s no doubt you’re doing a great job.

Key Points: Think of
(1) think nothing of = think there is no problem
The farmers here thought nothing of walking five kilometers to collect firewood.
(2). think a lot of sb. = adore
The pupils all think a lot of their teachers.
(3). think badly of sb.
You shouldn’t think badly of her. We all know she had no choice.

3. Though it may give some benefit to the poor,its key component is the elimination of tax on dividends.

Key Points: Benefit
(1) Exercise benefits our health.
(2) We benefit by/ from daily exercises.

4. But don’t expect me to stick to the job just because it pays a few more bucks.

Key Points: Stick to = insist on
(1) He insisted on going there by bus.
(2) You should stick to your principles.

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