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男底色.pngI need help. I think my arm is broken. 

女底色.pngAlright. Have you been to this hospital before?

男底色.pngNo, I haven’t. I need help quick. It hurts really badly. 

女底色.pngI understand. It’s good you came to the emergency room.

男底色.pngLet me see a doctor. 

女底色.pngI’m sorry, sir. You will need to wait at least a short time.We are very busy tonight. There was a big car accident on Highway 106.

男底色.pngI thought this was the emergency room. 

女底色.pngIt is. But unless you are critically injured, you still need to wait.You aren’t bleeding, are you?

男底色.pngNo. Only a little. I fell off my porch. 

女底色.pngOh, that’s terrible. Is it your right arm or your left arm?

男底色.pngMy left arm