Learning English Sentences Everyday(33)

1. I’ve spent all afternoon trying in vain to put this bookcase together.

Key Points: Put…together
(1) Make up
It took me a whole day to put the proposal together.
(2). Gather all the things
I’ve no idea how to put together a meal.

2. I wish you would reconsider.

Key Points: Wish (subjunctive mood, almost impossible to happen)
(1) He wished he hadn’t said that.
(2) How I wish I were as tall as you are.

3. Do you understand why the local people are opposed to the new dam up the river?

Key Points: Be opposed to
To express you don’t agree with sth.:
(1) oppose
He was opposed to the idea of reforming.
(2). be against
They are all against the proposal.
(3). object to
Why did you object to our proposal?

4. Has the market been badly hit by the recession?

Key Points: Hit
(1) Touch sb. violently
Don’t hit me on the head with the book.
(2). crash into
That car hit the bridge.
(3). Attack
They were hit by the enemy when they least expected it.
(4). Get to, arrive
We finally hit the main road one kilometer further on.
(5). Notice or realize
Suddenly it hit me–he was apologizing to me.

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