Learning English Sentences Everyday(32)

1. What kind of topics does your program cover?

Key Points: Cover
(1) If you cover something, you place something else over it in order to protect it, hide it
Please cover the table with clean white cloth.
(2). Pay it
His uncle will cover his tuition fees.
(3). Report
The journalist will cover the party’s annual conference.
(4). An insurance policy that covers a person or thing guarantees that money will be paid by the insurance company in relation to that person or thing.
They are covered against fire.

2. I’ve been tied up with my studies.

Key Points: Tied up
To express you are busy:
(1) be occupied with
My mum is occupied with all kinds of daily affairs.
(2). be engaged in
The professor is engaged in writing a book on English usage.
(3). busy oneself with
I’m busy myself with preparing for an exam.

3. I think you’ll get a sense about it after working in it in a number of years.

Key Points: Sense
(1) in a/ some sense = in some respects
You are right in a sense.
(2). in no sense = never
In no sense should such a thing be allowed to happen again.
(3). there is no sense in doing…= mean nothing at all
There is no sense in keeping calling me.
(4). in all senses = in every aspect
He is excellent in all senses.
(5). bring (sb.) to one’s senses = wake sb. up
A gentle slap in the face brought him to his senses.
(6). see sense = understand before it’s too late
I hope you see sense before it’s too late.

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