Learning English Sentences Everyday(31)

1. Figures are not yet available but it is believed that the death toll could be as high as 300,with hundreds more injured.

Key Points: Available & Death toll
(1) I’m sorry, those overcoats are not available in your color and size.
(2) She is not available for you-she’s engaged。
(3) Don’t count on me. I’ll not be available that time.
(4) a death toll from the air crash
(5) The official death toll rose to nearly 1000.

2. Now that we’ve gone through all the numbers on our list,I guess we can call it a day.

Key Points: Go through
(1) Experience especially when the situation is difficult
How can you keep smiling after all you’ve gone through?
(2). Run out
She went through all her salary in the weekend.
(3). Check up
You should go through your arguments again.

3. I’m thinking of taking an advanced engineering course with him.

Key Points: Think of
(1) think of sb./ sth. as
People now think of the car as being essential.
(2). think better of = change ideas
She wanted to say something, but then thought better of it.
(3). think highly of sb.= value sb.
The management thought highly of him.

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