Talk: Mutton Chops are Tasty


/If you don’t understand any word or sentence, you can copy to translate/

男底色.pngWhat kinds of meat are most popular in your country?

女底色.pngWe usually eat chicken,pork and eat these meat a lot in your country too,don’t you?

男底色.pngYes , we do. we also eat mutton.

女底色.pngI’ve heard that people in your country like mutton chops.

男底色.pngThat’s right,mutton chops taste so good,we eat them with sauce,have you ever tried?

女底色.pngYes ,I have,I tried once when I visited your country last year,I think they were very tasty. Can you cook them?

男底色.pngCertainly I can,I’ll buy some from butchers’ and cook for you next Sunday. 

女底色.pngThat sounds great.I’ll bring a bottle of wine then.

Look forward to your reply!

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One Comment

  • Man : Thank you, i appreciate it, but i’m so sorry, Wine it’s absolutely “HARAM” 😆 wanna try a coke?

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