Learning English Sentences Everyday(29)

1. His concert is just awesome and you’ll never regret the money you paid for the ticket.

Key Points: Awesome (=great, usually used in spoken English), here are some similar expressions:
(1) amazing
It’s an amazing movie to watch.
(2). terrific
I feel terrific right now.
(3). fantastic
“I’ve passed the exam.” “Fantastic!”
(4). wonderful
What a wonderful idea ! I will have to give this one a try!

2. My husband has been transferred to Boston and I understand your company has an opening there,too.

Key Points: Opening
(1) Holes, roads:
There were several openings to the cave.
(2). The start of a company, etc
They came to celebrate the opening of the new cinema.
(3). Start:
The opening of the movie is dull.
(4). Good opportunities:
Winning the competition was the opening he needed for his own company.

3.One of the biggest challenges facing employers and educators today is the rapid advance of globalization.

Key Points: Face
(1) Deal with the problems come to you:
They stood facing each other for several minutes.
He is facing the biggest challenge of his career.
(2). Have to accept the difficult problems even though you want to ignore:
You’re going to face her sooner or later.
They refused to face the fact that they had problem with their relationship.
(3). Face up to, come to solve the problems bravely:
We must face up to financial crisis.

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