Last week’s writing is about “exams“. Some of you really have something to say about exams. There are so many exams in our lives, just like there are so many challenges in our lives. The only thing that matters is how we treat them, in a positive way or in a negative way.
Here is a model essay about exams:
In my opinion, examinations are necessary for students. They can tell us how much the students have learned and what their strong points and what their weak points are in their study progress. Therefore, the proper exams are useful to the students further studies.
At the same time, they are also helpful to the teachers. The teachers can get to know clearly what their students’ problems are. Then they can get to change their teaching plans and improve their teaching methods so as to help their students study. However, if there are too many examinations, they will do more harm than good to the students. The examinations will become a heavy burden on the students. Sooner or later the students will get tired of them and lose interest in studying.
In a word, examinations are necessary, but too many are not good. Therefore we should reduce unnecessary examinations.
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So here are some good writing from you:
(From Ratnakar) Personally I liked exams because it will make you tough and help you to solve issues in the future.
(From Shruti) Do not (be) afraid of exams because we are (all) (taking) giving the most difficult exam which we called LIFE. Aren’t we nailing it?. Of course we all are toppers.
(From Sonia) Through the exams we can measure the progress of work. (Passed) Exams are the (success) sucess of our life by which we can achieve something in our life, so (whether to face it in a positive way or in a negative way, )it depends on us how do we face it either in a positive way or in a negative way.