Writing Club: Let’s Write About “Love for the first time”!

Last week we set our writing theme “exam”, and it recalled the time when we were fighting for a certain goal. This week, let’s talk about “fall in love for the first time“. Do you remember the first boy/ girl you feel the call of love? Or what is your dream lover if you are still single now? Do not hesitate to share your feelings and experience with us!
So here are the requirements:
1. Write about “love for the first time”. There are lots of things you can say about love… The first you understand what is love, the first man/ woman comes to your heart, the first time you fall in love… Choose the most touching and impressive moments and describe with your unique feelings.
2. Original, simple but organized. Try to make fewer mistakes by checking your spelling when you finish. And you should write within 200 words.
3. 3 days for writing. Next Tuesday (Nov. 7th) will be the last day for this writing practice.
4. Post your articles in the comment area below.
We will read your articles carefully, giving feedback soon. By the way, you are encouraged to interact with others in the comment area, helping each other learn English.
Plus, if someone get the most ”likes” in the comment area, we will post his/ her article on our Facebook account.
We hope you enjoy our writing club!

Look forward to your reply!

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  • Hello everybody, today i am going to tell all of you about my first love….
    I loved first time in my college time with such a great, beautiful, honest, intelligent and loving girl whose name i can’t tell you but she is the best for me.
    Let me tell you our full love story..
    I was a shy boy in my class and i completed my Pre education in boy school there were not any girl so first time, l came in to an engineering college and my stream was computer science as we all know there are so many girls and boys in cs department of engineering.
    First day of my college was the best i met to all students. After a few days, our classes to be organized daily and one day mam told us that we have to make a presentation on a particular theme. And groups were being making by our teacher, coincidentally both we were togather in a group. Now, we had to give ppt. Hence, we talked to each other on mobile. And ultimately, i fell in love with her but i couldn’t tell her that i am in love with you…. Now i am still studying with her but i afraid that if l’ll tell her our feelings then our friendship wouldn’t break…

    • That’s your point of view.but may be she also likes you that you dont know.may have she have the same feelings like you.it may be she wants to hear from you.dude dint think much just say.its not that you are blaming or threatening her.you just expressing your feeling.and if she is a mature girl i can say she will not destroy your freindshio just talk to her.if you dont say its like you met her frist day.so dont think just take a deep breath and express in your own way.dont copy anyone.

    • Bro This is our problem? & i agree with you that is a most wonderful feeling in the world? That time we wanted to propose them? That is a very scare moment? & i am speechless bro

    • I think you must try to tell her, because we never know, maybe she has a feeling too with you

    • Wow, just enjoy the relationship now, when it comes to the right chance, don’t hesitate to say you love her! It is hard to meet someone right through our lives. Happy for you.

    • Come on say her about your feelings it helps you to know that what she thinking about you go for it…

  • Hello guys, I’m nitesh and im gonna tell you about my first love…
    I loved 1st time in my school days. I was in 12th class. I was very shy and very hesitate boy in my class. I’d no friend in my class. I was alone but i liked a girl who was very pretty. I want to talk to her but he ignored me always. First day of school i tried to talk to her but he ignored me. That was one sided love, feeling was great. I was fall in love with her because of one day our english teacher told me to giving a speech abou demotolization as i said i was very hasitate boy. I hadn’t no experien how to talk to girl and i never gave a speech in front of so much people because i belongs to village so that’s why i’d no experience how to talk to a shahari ladki . When i started giving a speech in english i forget everything and my confidence got off . I started .

      • You love boy and girl.
        I think nice story
        You don’t hesitate again

    • Well keep trying nitish your article shows how much you put your effort and hardwork. Believe me one day you’ll talk with that saherii ladki without any hesitation…and it’s just a matter of thinking that you are from village keep trying
      Good luck😊

    • Be a fighter in love relationship! You should not wait until your girl comes to you. Instead, you should show your advantages, your strong points. Anyway, a better self will be more charming.

  • Hello Guys! I am Shahbaz And Today i am gonna tell you about Love For the first time
    Many of my friends fallen in love with girls of their own kind but i had never found such girl who completely fits to my expectations.
    Before i met her she was the one who recognises me the love and this was the first time when i felt some feeling that i had never felt before.
    I loved with from the day i seen her but i had never talked to her at least about two years then finally i got a chance to talk with her.
    This was the time when i was so nervous she was beside my desk in the examination hall at our college.
    I talked to her but she did not recognized my feelings.Thus i decided to write him a letter (love letter) to tell him about my feelings.
    I had never knew that she was also love with me.
    And now she and i are so happy and will Marriage after our graduation.
    I am very glad to tell you about my journey.

  • Hey guys I am SUMAN . It all started in school when I was in class ten. We had just completed our preboard examinations. I was busy going through the Geography paper which our teacher had given us to see our miatakes. As I was checking it, she came beside me and sat down but I was in my own world. I realised her presence when it was her time to leave. As I turned my eyes got stuck in her eyes. It looked so beautiful which at no moment pierced my heart..

    It was a high time for us to concentrate in our studies when I managed to control my feelings. After that I thought of telling her about how I feel but couldn’t tell her. I didn’t realize how fast we completed our plus two.

    Our seek for further education separated us but my heart was already her’s. But this recent days had brought such an irregularity that my heart which was pierced had started leaking… And the only thing left for me is to meet her and express my heart….

    • A little sad story. It is said young love is usually the best in our memory because it is the first time we put our whole hearts in it. Go for i!

  • Love is a great feeling.We just fall in love without being logical.We are in love when someone become most important to us.Whose smile gives us relief ,when we see him automatically our face turns into smilie. Trust and respect is the root of love.Without love friendship can be takes place,but without friendship love can not takes place.

    Andekha anjana sa deewana pagal sa jane vo kaisa hoga reee

    I m still waiting

      • I also love a boy whose name is kaif but he didn’t love me.I love him when I was 9 yrs old ,now I am of 19 ,I can’t live without him

    • Exactly! Love can easily drive people crazy, and the ecstasy of love certainly makes our lives more dynamic. Hope every one who is waiting for love will get what he/ she wants.

  • love , love exist when you understand your partner in deep. i write with zeal about my first love; in my early 18, i fell in love with my cousin whose name is aysh. i never knew that girl before but at my sister’s wedding i mate with her and in a first meating i fell in love ,when looked at her, environment seemed like a heaven, it’s happened first time to me. after that time i was finding a reason how can i strong my relationship with her cause i don’t want to lose her of any cost, after a while i managed to meet her again , i said to her directly that i am in love with her, she laughed and said why are you kidding. my expression goes highly change. i never predict what is next. but i consised her to make relationship with me. she is still with me . with true love and happiness.

    • So jealous of you! For your writing, remember to start a sentence with a capital letter. And you should write “I” not “i” to indicate yourself.

  • Ever since i saw my love.
    She has not revealed herself to me.
    She has not revisited me.
    When her face gets revealed, her eyes are as wine cups ,her face is like blossoms of the spring .as her lips are wolverine taking to moon..
    Her hair’s are falling as night falling on day
    As ellipse has shaded the moon.
    Her hairs ara dark like holy night .
    The fragrance of her body is envy of flowers.

    How then could I save my innocent 💓

    With love, most wistfully. She gazed at me in the late moon. But why, O why does i have to beg. I’m consumed with passionate longing. She melted me like snow leaving me to course down like mountains streams she has forsaken me…
    Love word itself is a magic it flows through the vains of every creation and the last hope of mankind.
    Love you all!!!!

    • We can see your strong love through your words! Every one is the most beautiful person in his/her lover’s eyes.

  • Normal heart beat of all the humans are 72-80 but my is at his pace as I saw her.
    She is coming back from her coaching and after spending a huge amount time i finally gathered enough courage to express my love to her.

    Opps I am so stupid I didn’t introduce myself
    Hii…I am Robin (Name Changed)
    And my cute one ….She is Shoophie
    She lived just behind my house that is the reason that roof of my home is my favorite place from where I can see her clearly when she comb her heir in front of her mirror in her room.

    My morning is always as beautiful as moon in night, every day my first glace took a look of her beauty when she came out from her room by rubbing her eyes and lift up her eyelids towards my roof and left a graceful smile and the smile made my whole day.
    After that she went to get ready for her coaching and with a beautiful feeling i also left my “bister”.

    “Picture Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Dost..”

    • You can take the advantage of your home to run after your girl! Nice.

  • Ever since i saw my love.
    She has not revealed herself to me.
    She has not revisited me.
    When her face gets revealed, her eyes are as wine cups ,her face is like blossoms of the spring .as her lips are wolverine taking to moon..
    Her hair’s are falling as night falling on day
    As ellipse has shaded the moon.
    Her hairs ara dark like holy night .
    The fragrance of her body is envy of flowers.

    How then could I save my innocent 💓

    With love, most wistfully. She gazed at me in the late moon. But why, O why does i have to beg. I’m consumed with passionate longing. She melted me like snow leaving me to course down like mountains streams she has forsaken me…
    Love word itself is a magic it flows through the vains of every creation and the last hope of mankind.
    Love you all!!!!(Abeed basheer)

  • Love!!
    In the class 10 there is a beautiful &daring girl with whom i fell in love..small argue & naughty convo.
    when u always thinkin about her anywhere
    She also use to talk you..in a loveable ways
    that affection ..attraction you cant forgot.

  • Hi. I am ayesha shabbir..love is a great feeling.we love our parents.sibling.withour love we can’t live in this world.
    My love for the first time start after my marriage with shabbir ahmad.4 years ago I got married with shabbiahmad he is such a nice person. .he loved me .but in start I didn’t love him.gradually as time passed I started love him..till 3 years we have no infant…after this time my daughter little Angel came in this world…she changed my life totally. .now our relation became more strong..and I lover my hubby more ..this is my love for the first time.if you like this.please tell me

    • So sweet. Love after marriage. Start from responsibility, end with true love.

  • hello friends.. i am going to tell all of you about love for first time. love is creation,wind ,attraction and everything is love. Just this type of love it happend with me. I fell in love in an institute. She was so beautiful, generous,good looking and good sens of humor. We met first time in classroom. when teachers were making a group of each class then coincidentally she joined together with me. Afte some day classes started then we met again in the class but we did not talk to each other. only we were watching out to each other. slowly way we started to talk. Just like we were opend to each other. she beagan to care for me very much. i did not explain how much??Now our friendship reach at one stage where couldn’t come anyone. i always sat with her in the class. Each and everything stayed with her. like i felt that i was incomplete without her. I was habbit of her. Our freindship had never broken. but unfortunately i couldnot change our friendship into love. There was behind the reason. A boy was in my class who likes her. aslo i am not sure today. what was going on between then. Due to that i had to take back step from her. So i said that this was not my love it was only a feel for her.that i feel today.

    • Love starts from a feeling for someone. But it is natural that not every feeling can turn to love. The thing that matters is that we enjoy the moment with the one we love.


  • Hi! The first love.
    Well, I can remember when I fell in love at the first time; I was 13 and his name is Joel. He is older than me about 5 years, of course that was not importan for me in than moment. And that was my first love, he told me a lot of lovely things, he made me fell that I was more importan than anyone for him, even we planed a future together. It was so pretty. I learned a lot of new things about everything when he told me all the experiences that he got. And maybe he is not so good looking but we understud us in that moment. But… maybe he was my first love and the first time that I fell in love but untill now, I’ve known the real meaning of love,of course whith another person, Im older and all the experiences make me understand better the real love.

  • Love at first sight is just like a first
    breath of my life. It’s like a every new and soothing experience that I witnessed. First love is the first memory which can’t be erased. It’s the smell of fresh flowers which refreshes you. Mine love was one sided but was true. She stuck in my thoughts with love like glue. I was grounded but still wanted to flew. When I saw her my mind flew far, she didn’t knew but I had great fear which I had to bear. She is not with me but I feel she is blessed with bliss. As I feel love is not to give but to feel happy for the one you love.

    • Love is a bless. It does matter when we enjoy the love relationships.

  • Hello guys i am shaba and i am going to tell you about my love story which started from hatred and ends with endless love. For me love is indispensable, and i think everyone should fall in that atleast once.my story starts with a marriage proposal of mine .my parents accpected that proposal, but at that time i was not ready to get married .so i strictly denied ,but my parents told me that their family and the boy is very good. After all this i agreed for marriage ,but only for my parents. And then we got engaged , and i only just know the name of that boy and i had some pictures of him.then after few days he tried to contant me but i didnt reply .then one day i picked his call ..and replied him in a Very bad way. But then slowly slowly we started talking .i started to know ,his behaviour ,his nature and he is soo nice to me, he really respect me a lot ,he strted caring of mine.thrn finally he proposed. That feeling i cant express.i think we should trust our parents .they always want our betterment .we are getting married in just 2 month..and i think i m the luckiest person ..and i got him..he too feel that .i Love him alot..he is worlds best person

    • It is lucky to meet the destined one half. Whatever you have been through will finally become your sweetest memory. Congratulations!

  • Love for the First Time.
    Bushra Ayub Khan

    Love. Connection between hearts. Now when I start thinking about it, there are so many memories, a lot of heart touching moments we shared. I thought he was my soulmate. I could stay with him forever.
    He was my friend, my mate, my mind, he just overtook everything. I laughed for him, I laughed with him. I shouted at everyone just because he was not talking to me but still I never told him I love you nor did he. I posted status about him, wrote poetries just for him an if someone would ask I would say no one specific. But now I want to tell him I love you. You are the first and last man who touched my heart who know me inside out but….
    Please just come back to my life. The girl you called heart an soul has her soul missing.

    • Nice. Waiting to be loved. But you have to pay attention to your past tense. If the face is as you wrote, you already had a boyfriend before.

  • This story was at cancun, at a company where people swim with dolphins where I used to work.
    That day looked like the others. A day where I just took pictures of people swimming with those animals, but it changed when I was at the bank of the sea and saw her, smiling, having fun. She was awesome her blonde hair, her eyes, her smile, her lips, all of her was gorgeous and everything went better when I realized I was going to be her photographer. I did my best taking her pictures and I took more than the average as you can imagine. When the program finished I knew I wasn’t going to see her again if I didn’t talk to her because she is from Holland, so I took a deep breath and approached her in order to ask her name and something that allows me keeping in touch with her. When I was in front of her I was shocked then I start to talk and she was very kind.
    Days after that day we hanged out and stuff still she returned to her country. I thought it was going to be a problem but not, we have been in touch since that day and now I’m planning on going to Holland as soon as possible for being with her.
    That’s my story summarized. So let’s do my luggage!! 😍😍

    • Oh, so sweet! I can imagine you two will get along quite well. Happy for you.

  • Love:- I didn’t understand ture mean of this word till now.
    Whenever we listen to this word, first thing which come in our mind is girlfriend/boyfriend.
    Now, let’s focus on my first love.
    I fell for a girl when I was in 11th standard. Both we used to study in the same coaching. I like her but I don’t know when it started liking her. It just happened to me. I proposed her through a channel ( I didn’t propose her by myself). Earlier she refused but after sometime she accepted it. We were in a relationship for 3 years. Thereafter, so much fights, misunderstandings, ignorance, etc. We broke up. Now we are even not friends. I still stalk her sometimes. She blocked me on facebook and whtsapp. She tried to sort out the things but I didn’t.
    Now, I think, it was a love?
    Though, I didn’t tell my whole story here. It’s to long actually. After one year of relationship I had to go to another place. We were in a long distance relationship. It is really tough to maintain a long distance relationship. I don’t know where she is now. After every 5 months I go to my place. I never found her there yet. 10 month has passed of our break up.
    “We don’t talk anymore like we used to do.”

    Note- I’m a student of B.tech 3rd year now. We met in our 11th.

    Thank You.

    • Like Charlie Puth’s song expresses your feelings. But you found the other again. It is like magic!

  • hi…friends aslamoalekum,namaste,good morning…so my self is aney siddiqui …i am an optometrist but my english is not good ..i want to improve my inglish becouse i am up board student …today is topic is “first love ” sory to say i dont have any story about the love …so i wanna tell u about the love …love is good or may be not good ….becouse if we in love? we break the trust of our parents ….so is not good …if ur love is accept in ur family so is good …i wanna arrange marrige ..with parents permmition if they are happy so we are happy love is most important in family ..this with out love we dont have happiness successful life …so thanks .

  • Hello everyone today am going to share my story..am from Allahabad and am 20 year old.one year ago I met a boy on instagram who is also from Allahabad and his is 26 year old ..he was very frank smart and very mature also ..and I was like dump very simple my nature was very shy …we chat each other and we decided to met .was very excited because quietly I like that person .so we were met interact with each other….and you all don’t believe bt I like him so much because DAT time his nature his maturity level was too high and he was also rajput so I thought it is gud for us…he propose me DAT day and I accepted… And the first we were in phycially relationship… We met daily and chilling with our frnds…we were in a gud relation ..he was not giving me commitment bt the way he told me datt you r very mature Swati we r like shadi material so if in our if everything will we will marriage bt we were in a secret relationship means his female Frnd didn’t konw about our relationship after 3 month s he gone Mumbai for making his career ….was very sad bt he holds me and told me about his prlm and all means I also think that he loves me very much bt slwly slowly his nature was change daily update photos with many girl ..doing party sharty in Mumbai he makes many female Frnd slowly slowly he ignore me he calls me in a week and jus for 5 min…when I ask anything ..he said no Swati …not like DAT was busy with my career all the stuff and here I was like I can’t tell the feeling I cry whole night and waiting his call I can’t share my situation with anyone bcoz I didn’t want anyone knows ‘s about our reltion bcoz he didn’t want bt when he comes to 2 or 3 times for 10 days suddenly his nature was change he daily met talk and told e DAT I love u Swatii was busy and all DAT why was not able to call bcz I want to make my carerr for us then I thoughts yes he is right let forget everything ..we r in relationship many times bt wen he goes Mumbai he forget me slowly alowy his call not ccoming many times I try to suicide was very hurt depressed I can’t tell u my situation then his frnds told me the whole story he said Swati somu is not gud guywhen he was in relationship with you he makes many other relations too he is very fake many thing they told me and when I ask to Somesh he denay ….he posted many pics with a girl so I asked he is ur gf so he said no he is my Frnd his frnd s told me swti finally he is in love with a girl and he is coming home with DAT girl for marrying wih her and that girl was shinaya she I ask Somesh he allow denay he said Swati I love u and all….bt now finally he accepted DAT he is in love with DAT girl and he is coming with her …he said swti am sorry I feel guilt bt u r very younger to me and I never committed etc…bt he said we can make gud Frnd I don’t want to loose u bt guys I love him so much I can’t make his Frnd now he comes and with his gf and said that swati come we were party come and meet my gf means he behave like nothing is happened everyone is forcing me to meet bt you guys told me how can I met he is coming with his gf how can I face them he is not guilt at all I want he feel guilt y if I met he never feel guility and why I met if I met I hurt more…the main things am not able to move on am not able to foget him I want him bcoz I love him so much bt he was cheated me all the times was his timespass only…what should I do

    • Oh, poor girl. Men’s nature is hard to change. If he is not a good guy, don’t hesitate to get over this relationship. Because the hurt one in your relationship will always be you. Don’t let this guy ruin your feelings for love.

  • Hie…I would like to share my 1st love story with you…it started before 9years, when I use to go to my uncle’s home. He is Neighbor of mine uncle. The day when we became friends, he came to play with me n I started feeling for him slowly our just friend turned to best friend. We started sharing little little things to each other. I was having feelings for him but couldn’t understand. Due to some reasons when we don’t use to talk I was feeling uneasy. I use to go there whenever I got chance and that was a sign that I was in love with him. He gave me some hinds but I was unable to guess it and finally he proposed me😍but at that instant I was speechless, I was confused to accept or reject the proposal. Then at that night means it was 1st Nov. We talked whole night and he told me everything.
    He told me that he saw me 1st time when his bro was talking to my mom just like “pahli Nazar me kaise Jadu kr diya, Tera ban baitha h mera Jiya😝” n he continuously kept starring at me🙈 then after some days I accepted his proposal n that was 6th Nov.😇 We came in relation, everything was going perfect bt due to some reasons we had breakup😢n I was in depression. We still talk to each other but he still loves me. He is my bestest friend still I share everything with him but he keep on saying that he loves me he didn’t ever brokeup with me. N I too think that I still feel something for him but can’t take the decision n can’t go back to him because…..anyway this is my 1st love story n he will always as special as he was before😊

  • Love For The First Time ❤
    This feeling is just .. muah!
    I am a 17 years old girl usual people say that I am not having that much knowledge about love, I am a teenager and we just get attracted towards our opposite gender.
    People use to say- He is your Crush not love! 😤
    I actually don’t know this true or not!
    The very first time when I saw him I was not able stop myself laughing. I found him so funny, because his nose is not pointed like we all have, and I started teasing him by saying “pakoda” at that time I was 10 and he was 11, in 6th standard.
    But he never replied me back. Then everyone started teasing him by the same name but he said politely ” jo hai vo hai, I can’t change it”.
    At that time I realised that whatever I was doing was wrong! And I felt very guilty for all that! But I never said sorry to him!
    Then I stopped teasing him. Then after some time our common friend told me that “He likes you!”.
    And I was like “What? Seriously? Me??” .
    Then on 23 of Dec he told me not propesed me ” that I like you!”.
    N I too said I like you too ..
    Now I am 17 and he is 18.. and we are still together.. we are best friends , solemate, lovers.
    Love is beautiful 😍🙈
    But people use to say that Love is bullshit!
    So, this was my story!
    I hope I have written every thing with proper grammar! 😂😂 I am very weak at English!!

    • Nice writing. You express clearly in English. Best thing of life would be the one you love happens to love you.

  • I had never thought that I fell in love. Couple of months back I have seen a girl who joined our institute. She is beautiful, intelligent, cool n well-hearted. At the movement I have seen her, I fell in love with her.

    We had never talk each other. So I have to start talking with her for expressing my feelings. After couple months, I have got an opportunity to accompany with her to drop at the airport. The journey has started, this was the opportunity
    I don’t want to loose and impress her. However, the conversations were started between us. In a journey of two hours i had talked just for an half hour.

    Whenever I have seen her my heart beats more than the normal. Unfortunately, till date I have not express my love to her. I am in a dilemma or fear to express. If I express, she accepts my love or not.

    I do not know what to do.

    • If you don’t know her feelings for sure, you can wait. And spend more time with her. If you feel it’s the time, then be brave. You always have chance.

  • Hii frndz ! Today I am going to tell u about my first love.
    When I am in 11th standard I meet my love first time in my friend’s house.I went to teach my friend’s sister but I didn’t know that she(my love) was her frnd and first time I met her. Her name is Jyoti.
    I was teaching physics practical to Jyoti&Mansi(my friend’s sister) .
    Than slowly Jyoti was attracting on me & I was too.
    I told my feelings to mansi(his frnd) & she said to Jyoti about my feelings of attraction.
    After some days new year came & I gave her a set of chocolates and she gave me a greeting card &also said I hate you.
    I was totally shocked on these words than I started precede to see her daily . Slowly slowly I was getting mad about her.
    One she came her frnds house and I was also preset there . She came to make mehandi on her friend’s hand . I said her funnily that could you please make mehandi on my hand and she started.
    After filling mehandi she said “come to this room” .
    I went. She told about her life that she had a bf . After I listen these words I feel that I went to hell.
    Next week she come to my home first time . I was shocked to see her . I was totally confused what do I do!? Than she came to my room and said,”I like u yr I know you are amazing guy lekin meri life me phle se hi koi h but pta ni ki mai apse attract kaise ho gyi. I’m sorry for all that.”
    I said,”maine to apse pyar kiya hor hmesha aaphi ka intejaar krta rhunga. Agr wqt ki mod pr kbhi apka bf hath chhod jaye to meri trf hath bdane se mukhrna ni mai hr pal aapka wait krte rhunga& I love u so much.”

    I’m still waiting for her .
    Now 2years passed away but she doesn’t come.
    I want to give a title to my story “Hamaari adhuri kahani”

  • Love what a intresting word! But keep understand the love is real lover .love is such intersting part of life that everyone wants to do love .love means meeting of two heart nothing matter is boy or girl.when someone fell into the love everytime remember to his love .

  • It was an ordinary April until someone unexpected appear in my life and gave his love to me. My name is Jaja and I found my first love through Facebook application.

    I don’t have any experience on falling in love, before and it a little bit awkward when suddenly a stranger want to make me as his girlfriend. I don’t like him (my boyfriend) at the first time I know him because I thought that our relationship does not long lasting because my relationship with him is a lond distance relationship. I live in Asia while he live in Europe. At the first month of our relationship , I don’t think he will be my soulmate. Then, I realized that it have been two years after I be his girlfriend. Everyday, he make me fall in love to him and I can’t stop myself to keep loving him. I want to make my first love as my last love ever in my life.

    One day, he told me that he want to visit me and at the same time he want to marry me by next year summer. I was very excited but at the same time, I am worried about he and myself because my mother dislike him to be my husband even he is a good man for me. I hope my mom change her mind and let me be his wife because I don’t want to lose my first love who change myself to a better person and my first love who is truly in love with me.

    /Thank you for reading, guys. I am sorry if my story is a little bit boring or got any mistakes. I hope you guys enjoy reading it. 😁 #PrayForMe

  • “Love” it is a very special feeling.I believe in love at first sight because I love my mom since I have opened my eyes and I have seen her.
    Love is not only about the girlfriend , boyfriend’s love.Love is a feeling which makes us feel high ,love is endless , there is no reason to love someone there is no limit of love you can say only the Lucky people get love in their lives as I am just 15 so I don’t know that much about love but yes if there is someone in my life whom I love the most is mother.

    Sometimes I got irritated because of her, sometimes i got angry because of her, sometimes I argue with her and shouts at her but all this doesn’t matter because I Love her a lot more than anyone and anything.

    Love is an incredible feeling. It is not like every strong feeling is love it can be attraction only and it is not like If someone is saying to you that he/she loves you is just an attraction not love. When you fall in love there is a filmy scene as I have heard you see your love in everyone,everything feels fascinating to you,whenever you hear about your love smile denies to leave your face.
    I don’t know whatever I said is right or not but I feel that
    “Love can never make you drown, it always teaches you how to swim” Your love always make you feel that someone is always be there with you in your highest and hardest times….in everyone’s life hurricane of difficulties come and love is the feeling which makes you strong ,which makes you feel you aren’t alone there is someone with you always whi will be with you till the extreme who will be with you till the hurricane leaves and the rainbow of happiness will come in your life that’s all

    I hope all this didn’t made you to feel bore …thank you guys for Reading it !

  • Love is everything who is in the love feel heaven on the earth. If I get my love, I will do anything for her.
    I met her at her home. I stayed there for one month. Firstly started to talk with me. She used to come in my room. She shared everything and I carefully listened her. Gradually there was a strong bond between us. She cares me alot.
    We always met in evening on the roof. Despite no matter I queried and she replied in sweet manner.
    One day I was on the roof and myheart 💓was searching her eagerly. Suddenly I saw her on the ground, my eyes matched to her eyes with love. I wished she came on the floor. After a while she was on the roof then I was surprised with happiness.
    Once she wrote a shayari (do not love love then, until love does not love you, when love makes love to you, then love so much love, love does not love anyone else). She gave me to read that after reading I torn the piece of paper. After Seeing that she was very sad but I torn it for memory. I have these types of many memories.
    Nowadays I miss and love her so much. But she ignores me. However I cannot forget her.

  • LOVE .. this most beautifull feeling ever . If you love someone don,t even think he/she will love you the same as you do . According to me love is the fear of loosing someone . Love is a tearm that will make your self respect zero and you will be crazy for that person , weather that person love you or not . But you will give everything to that person without any ego . I think you if you are in love with someone , u should also be ready to loose that love . Because no one knows when the human brain will changed .
    But love is the feeling that will make you smile madly by remembring your memories . The tiny memories , that childish things , that cute talks . You will going to miss that and that memories will bring a cute smile with full of tears after you know you can,t get her now , you are out of her life .
    She also loves me , but she never pretend it , and i was the one that ws mad for her , i don,t know why , she is small like dwarf no so beautifull but she was my 1st love . I was totally attached with her that i always want her smile , and the reason of that smile will be only me ., feel her special . But she changed , i don,t know why , taht is the most painfull thing . When you don,t even know the reason , why the other person start hating you .
    People should be in love at once so that they will decide on their own weather the LOVE is good or BAD .
    The time you were in love is the most precious time , but after that ., your bad time will start . And you will cry night , sleepless nights . But still love is like a Drug .

    • I totally agree with your every single word ..whatever you said all are true at all. And your story n your views for love are exactly same as mine . Feeling good to read this . I admire your article . 😃

    • Like a drug, sometimes heals people, sometimes it may be poisonous.

  • I am 19th years old this time, just four month to get 20 on coming February. But, i wanna tell you about my view of love. It’s a little bit Embrace to said that I’d never to love someone as my girl friend. But, that is not meaning that i lose love on my self. Honestly, i was ever failed in way to loved a girl because, i don’t know nothing about how to express it. Then on my way to know the girl, try to be friend for her, and how to know about her feeling on me, i got my heart was broken when i know she is not as good as her look. I admired that i’m not wise enough to apply “do not judge the books by it’s cover”. The time is goes on. I’m on way to recovered my heart hope one day will found a girl whom correctly person to placed my love on her heart. I felt lucky when i Saw my friend(Rachel) profile photo which posted beauty lady. Her innitial was L. The first thing came into my mind was,” i hope she is the trully one”, ini the other hand my heart tried to reminded me to stay calm. I had ever failed to love someone just because her beauty my heart was blinded to se her personality. I tried to know Miss L personality by my friend. I got every view was good about her . I’m embarassly to admired to Resume that i do like her mate. But, the wall was right in front of me to limited me to gain the hope. The wall was, her feeling to men. Rachel told me that miss L definitely kind of good girl, but still won’t to have bf yet. Sh don’t even look care to her mens classmate. My friend concluded that Miss L look ignore the men. But, that was normally, i thought. When i realize that i am still take any time to be independent too. We even doesn’t ever met. I ever tried to chat She by line but, Theres ia no reply. I thought Rachel was true about Miss L. I decided to focus on my study firstly ( thinking she take her time too for). Hope one day when i’m ready to did (loving for second) again, she too on the same way. Yeah, I hope….

  • Hello guys ! I wanna tell you that what is love by my point of view …when we talk about love , it has to be unconditional… Love is care ,love is a real smile and a real pain for me . Because that person whom I love so much ,if she sometimes angry with me then I feel in my heart ,it is ok because she loves me more than of me …so this feeling is the real mean of love which I want to say .. ..now I’ll talk about my 1st and last love …the meaning of this precious word which I learnt by her …. . When she was born I hated her because I thought that she took my place ,my happiness .but she always looked at me with a cute smile . She always tried to be my friend .she devoted to me . She gave her 100% for my one reaction toward her .she gave me her new clothes ever before she wore . Before my tears fall from eyes to cheeks ,she tried her best to remove the cause of my pain . And she loved me without any condition. she loved me without my positive response. Virtually she taught me how to do true and unconditional love ..now I feel that she is my 1st and last love because nobody can reach that level of love and I want to tell you ,who is she .she is my younger sister .. yes ,my little sister who proved the real definition of love between sisters .and now I feel that I can’t imagine my life without her .

    • Young man, it is too early to say last love. You have to devote all your heart all your life to achieve that goal.

  • hello everyone,
    I believe word love means pure and honest feelings for someone without any selfish motive behind that.
    Yeah first love for me is something when I genuinely feel that She is someone, I want talk to, to know about, to tell about myself and make her comfortable and respect her emotions and feelings. Love cannot be imposed someone.. We cannot force anyone to love us. It is there choice whether they want to love us or not.

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