Learning English Sentences Everyday(28)

1. You see, I still have this pain in my back; this medicine the doctor gave me was supposed to make me feel better by now.

Key Points: Be supposed to do sth.
(1) When the subject of “be supposed to” is sb., meaning “should”( mainly for advice, suggestion…)
Teachers are supposed to treat ail students alike.
(2). When the subject of “be supposed to” is sth., meaning “sth. that should happen but didn’t”
The train was supposed to arrive an hour ago.
(3). When “be supposed to” + “have+ past participle”, indicating “should do sth. but didn’t”
You are supposed to have handed in your homework by now.

2. Rod must be in a bad mood today.

Key Points: Mood
(1) be in a good mood
You are in a good mood today!
(2). be in a foul/filthy mood
Don’t talk to Lisa. She’s in a foul mood!
(3). be in a mood
I’m in a real mood all day.
(4). be in the/no mood for sth./to do sth.
He was in the mood for a romantic walk in the woods.
I am in no mood to argue any more.

3.I share your feeling.

Key Points: share one’s feelings
(1) Here “share your feeling”= I know how you feel. It is often used to comfort others.
(2). Another meaning is to share the same feelings.
That means some people will feel shyer about sharing their feelings.

4. Actually, I’ve been out of touch with him since our first reunion after graduation.

Key Points: Touch
(1). get in touch
They will get in touch as soon as they get the results.
(2). put sb. in touch with sb.
My doctor put me in touch with a specialist。
(3). keep in touch with sth.
Now we can keep in touch with events on the other side of the world.

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