Learning English Sentences Everyday(27)

1. But towards late afternoon,rain will spread from Scotland to cover most parts by midnight.

Key Points: Weather & Time
(1) by midnight= before midnight
before midnight/ by midnight/ near midnight

2. I knew it all along! He’s the obvious choice. All the other candidates are no match for him!

Key Points: Match
(1) find/ meet one’s match (in sb.)
She thought she could beat anyone at badminton; however, she met her match in Jane.
(2). match for sb. /sth.
The new furniture is a perfect match for the house.

3.Oh,it was Sally.You know,she always has the latest news in town and can’t wait to talk it over with me.

Key Points: can’t wait to do sth.
(1) can’t wait to do sth.= look forward to doing= be eager for
(2) We all look forward to going abroad for sightseeing.
She is eager for meeting her mom.

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  • I Never fall in love for someone because i think that love is wastage of time. I think if you fall in love for someone always pay attention, understand each other emotions and feelings,give respect,understand each other. Most important thing i think that if two person love truley to eachother they get marry with each other not a love like a timepass. It is not good to heart someone feelings with timepass love. So love someone truely. If your nd someone love is fake or like a timepass i think never fall in love. You can enjoy your life with your family , friends nd independently.

  • Love it is a great feeling… Lovers can n
    Be fake bt love is never fake.. True love never fails… If u give a true love u will definitely gt it back.. The world is still alive bcz there is love in everyone heart

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