Learning English Sentences Everyday(26)

1. Sure,it’s the first performance of the State Symphony Orchestra in our city,so suit and tie is a must.

Key Points: Must
(1) n. a must= something you have to do
Warm coats are a must in the mountains.
The novel is a must for all lovers of detective stories.

2. He wasn’t there long,though,because his mother passed away just four years later.

Key Points: Pass
(1) pass around
This letter is being passed around among the students.
(2). pass down
The knowledge was passed down from one generation to the next.
(3). pass out
She always passes out at the sight of blood.

3.If I were you,I’d skip it.We both have to get up early tomorrow and anyway,I’ve heard it’s not as exciting as advertised.

Key Points: If I were you
(1) Counterfactual, usually termed as subjunctive sentences in traditional grammar, here literally means, counter to the fact.
(2). If he/she were
If he were here, everything would be all right.
(3). If I were in your shoes
If I were in your shoes´╝îI would sue him.

4. Jean really lost her temper in Dr.Brown’s class this morning.

Key Points: Temper
(1). A quick temper
She has a quick temper.
(2). Bad-tempered
I knew he was bad-tempered,and I didn’t mean to argue with him.
(3). Be in a good/ bad temper
He is in a good temper.
(4). Put sb. out of temper
Don’t put him out of temper.

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