Learning English Sentences Everyday(25)

1. Well,if I were you,I’d let her cool off a few days before I approach her.

Key Points: Cool
(1) cool down
Housing market continues to cool down.
(2). keep (one’s) cool
You should keep your cool in the heat of competition.
(3). lose one’s cool
By the end of the game, the coach had lost his cool。
(4). as cool as a cucumber
We’d better behave as cool as a cucumber in this dangerous situation。

2. But in the letter,I just told him frankly I could no longer live with his poor management and stupid decisions.

Key Points: No longer
(1) adv. no more
I’m no longer a student.
(2). similar meanings: not…any longer/ not … any more/ no longer

3. Thanks,but in view of the general responses,you and I are definitely in the minority.

Key Points: View
(1) have sth.in view (plan to do sth.)
He wanted to find a job, but had nothing particular in view.
(2). on view (on show)
Her paintings were an view at the new gallery.
(3). with a view to ( doing ) sth. (in order to)
They bought the cottage with a view to moving there when they retired.

4. Believe it or not,that’s the last thing I’d ever want to do.

Key Points: Attributive clause
(1). structure: subject + be + the last + n. + attributive clause
That’s the last thing I needed.

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