Talking About Clothes by Season


  • Todd: So Meg, we are talking about clothes, and you always look nice at work. You have a very nice fashion sense.
  • Meg: Oh, thank you.
  • Todd: So you must go shopping a lot.
  • Meg: I do go shopping sometimes. It’s fun to go shopping and buy new clothes especially when it’s a new season.
  • Todd: Like what do you like to wear per season? For example, what do you like to wear in winter?
  • Meg: In the winter, it’s pretty cold. So I like to wear sweaters. Sometimes, a t-shirt with a sweater over it to stay warm. Lots of long-sleeve shirts. I like to wear long-sleeve shirts. And I still wear skirts in the winter. So sometimes, I wear tights underneath the skirts to stay warm.
  • Todd: What about dresses? Do you like to wear dresses?
  • Meg: I do like to wear dresses. In the winter, it’s a good time actually to wear sweater-dresses. They’re warm and a dress, so it’s nice for work.
  • Todd: Sweater-dresses.
  • Meg: Have you seen a sweater-dress before?
  • Todd: I have no idea what a sweater-dress is. What is a sweater-dress?
  • Meg: It’s a dress but made of sweater material.
  • Todd: Okay. What about… What about in the summer?
  • Meg: In the summer, I love to wear flip-flops. It’s my favorite thing to wear. So I often wear flip-flops with jeans or shorts, skirts again. I don’t wear tights in the summer because it’s too hot.
  • Todd: Right. Do you wear flip-flops to work?
  • Meg: I can’t wear flip-flops to work. So when I go to work, I often wear high heels or flats, some dress shoes.
  • Todd: Okay. So do you like to wear shorts or skirts. Which do you prefer?
  • Meg: I prefer shorts because it’s more comfortable and easy to move around. But I also can’t wear shorts to work. So I have many summer skirts for work.
  • Todd: Okay. Now, let’s talk about shoes. So women often have many types of shoes, high heels, boots, flats, like you just said, sneakers. So what kind of shoes besides flip-flops do you like to wear?
  • Meg: I do have many pairs of shoes and so I like to wear flats and sandals especially in the summer. In the winter, I like to wear boots and rain shoes when it rains or rain boots. When I’m exercising, I like to wear sneakers or tennis shoes because it’s good for your feet.
  • Meg: What shoes do you usually use?
  • Todd: Just my sneakers. So my sneakers I wear everywhere. Now, women sometimes have accessories, you know, like earrings, necklaces, scarves, things like that. What do you like to wear?
  • Meg: I like to wear necklaces especially long necklaces. I don’t like necklaces that are too short. It feels uncomfortable.
  • Todd: Oh that’s nice. Cool. Well anyway, thanks, Meg.
  • Meg: Thank you.

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