1. Why not check out the new cafeteria at Market Street?

Key Points: Check out
(1) watch
You should check out that new movie. It’s funny.
(2) pay the bill and leave
The young lady will check out before 11 o’clock in the morning.
(3) find the information about something to make sure everything is right
The police want to check out your luggage.

2. I think your article in the school newspaper is right on target,and your viewpoints have certainly convinced me.

Key Points: Target
(1) meet targets
Salespersons are under pressure to meet sales targets.
(2). on target
We’re on target for 5% increase by the end of the year.
(3). target group/ audience
You should clearly identify your target market.

3. So far,there is little proof one way or the other.

Key Points:
(1) no/ none other than
The man who called me was no other than my uncle.
(2). one after the other
A dozen cars came out of the gate, one after the other.
(3). other than (different from)
You are other than I thought.

4. It would be great if you could get back in shape in time for the World Cup.

Key Points:
(1). in shape
You’ll never be in shape until you eat less and take more exercise.
(2). in time for sth.
I arrived just in time for the meeting.