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女底色.pngYes. Where would you like to go?

男底色.pngCentral Park, please, but can you make a stop at Union Square? I wanna pick up my friend there.

女底色.pngOf course.

男底色.pngHow long do you think it will take to get to Union Square. 

女底色.pngWell. That depends on traffic, you know. It’s pretty heavy this afternoon.

男底色.pngCan you make it in 15 mins. I am already 10 mins late. 

女底色.pngI’ll try. Where exactly is your friend waiting?

男底色.pngOn the 14th Street side. Oh, we are already at the 16th Street. You are fast. Can you make a left at the next corner?

女底色.pngYou’ve got it.