Talk: Guest How Much It Costs


/If you don’t understand any word or sentence, you can copy to translate/

男底色.pngJane! What an enchanting skirt you have on! 

女底色.pngThank you! Guess how much it costs.

男底色.pngBright colors, smooth material, exquisite craftsmanship, soft lines…Darling, it looks elegant on you! It can’t be any cheap stuff. Something around two hundred, I guess. 

女底色.pngYour offer is way off the mark. It set me back only sixty-five.

男底色.pngThen you got a windfall! Was sixty-five the original price, or did you get a special discount?

女底色.pngNeither. I drove a hard bargain with the vendor before I got the price down.

男底色.pngHow much did she ask for? 

女底色.pngThree hundred! That’s daylight robbery. How dare she play tricks on an old hand like me? Without hesitation, I gave my offer—no more than fifty.

男底色.pngShe must be fuming with anger at such a bid, wasn’t she?

女底色.pngNot at all! She’s really been around, and seemed quite accustomed to bargaining like this. 

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