Learning English Sentences Everyday(21)

1. If someone asks me who affects me most in my life, I will definitely tell him or her that the person should be no one else but my father.
2. Father is well-known for his humor. He always makes use of his wit and humor to relax tense situation at work. He is m humorous that his colleagues and friends all enjoy staying with him.
3. Father is also very kind to people. He often invites those poor temporary workers who are far away from home to have dinner with us. He always helps our neighbors repair bikes, fill the flat, fix locks, and so on. Whenever anyone is in trouble, he never hesitates to offer his warm hands.
4. My father is the greatest man in the world. His humor, kindness, enterprise, and strong will are always the power of my life. I am very proud of my father.
5. If had a chance to be a teacher in the countryside, my life would be wonderfuland meaningful, for it’s a good way to achieve my value of life.
6. This is my strong belief. Wherever I am, I will keep it up. I believe my future willbe glorious, because I often devote my hard work to my future plan.
7. University-goers often have a hard time making their subject choices. While some suggest that students should have the freedom to study what they like, others argue that it is better to restrict them to science and technology studies.
8. Giving young people the latitude to choose their degree courses, some argue, can improve their academic performance and advance their future careers.
9. The counter-argument, however, is that students should be restricted to subjects deemed useful by the job market.

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