Last week’s writing is about “English learning”.Everyone here is familiar with this topic. Because it is about a question we ask repeatedly-how can we learn English well? Some of you said learning English is hard, some said they learned English gradually with some techniques they developed themselves. In fact, it is a thing about persistence and hard work. You don’t have to be a language genius, but to learn English well you have to be self-motivated and work hard.
Here is the advice for last week’s writing:
1. Organize your thoughts before writing: make an outline, put everything in great order, etc. If you want to share your studying experience with others, or if you ask others for studying tips, you have to clarify the present situation of your English level, your troubles when learning. Then you can elaborate how you conquer the problems or how you fight hard to solve the problems. Lastly, you may give some advice to others.
2. Correct English writing and grammar is important. If you don’t know the words for sure, look them up in the dictionary. And try to use the words you’re familiar with. Do pay attention to the different tenses you are using.
3. Use the right conjunctive words and punctuation. When writing clauses, remember to add conjunctive words. And do pay attention to your punctuation because without punctuation you will make your writing much harder to understand.
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So here are some tips you guys provide, hope you can learn English better and better:
(From Sonia) Learning English is a process which never ends in our life(,) because no one is perfect in this world. (And) It only depends on our zest and attitude of learning. Nothing is impossible in this world if we are enthusiastic to learn new things n by this we can achieve anything……..
(From Sonu) We regularly learn vocabulary per day at least 20 words. This help us to understand English. After this (And) we should learn English grammar as it is more important for writing and speaking English in (the) correct manner. After these (Then)we should try to live with those people who speak English and communicate with us(them) in English. and (What’s more, we could) try (to) listen song and watch English film. This (which helps)help us to learning (learn) English.
(From RAHUL RANA) Just I chose (choose) tree (diagrams) method to remember the word mean (meanings) like I write a word and correlated (correlate) to other word(s) like a knife will be correlated with other kitchen things.
(From Jai) We should speak in English among our friend(s)circle without any hesitation (freely). If someone is making mistakes while speaking(, the) rest of the friends should correct him(his)/her mistakes in (a)friendly way.
(From Vikram) I watched online lessons on youtube and tried hard in real life to make out it possible (practice as much as possible).
(From Shruti) Work on your vocabulary+ listening skills+ reading skills+writing skills and donibe(do not be) afraid to make mistakes.
(From Radhika) I enjoyed my classes both online and offline. And now I crave for some more (grammar)rules, idioms and phrases. Referring online dictionary like this one is a great help. I find it difficult to finish a novel but I have kept myself in touch with(reading) e newspapers, short stories etc.