Talk:A Big Lunch


/If you don’t understand any word or sentence, you can copy to translate/

男底色.pngAll the food smells tasty today and makes my mouth water. 

女底色.pngLet’s line up here. This line seems a little shorter.

男底色.pngWhat’s on the menu today? 

女底色.pngFish, beef, pork, chicken, and vegetables. For staple food we have rice, steamed bread, stuffed buns and noodles.

男底色.pngI’d rather take stewed cabbage with beef.

女底色.pngI think I’ll take fried fish, because fish is one of my favorites. 

男底色.pngThat’s good, we can share what we have. Here we are. You go ahead.

女底色.png(They get everything ready)Here is a free table. Let’s sit down. Help yourself to some fish please. Isn’t it delicious and appetizing? 

男底色.png I’m sorry I don’t like it’s a little too salty.

女底色.pngI see. You people from south prefer sweet, don’t you?

男底色.pngYes, I like the fish cooked in sweet and sour sauce best. Try some beef, please.

女底色.pngThank you. I’m through with one steamed bread and I’d like a second helping. 

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