17 Useful Idioms about “RUN” (Part 2)

8.run a tight ship

(verb phrase) manager very well and efficiently with everyone knowing their place.
I like to run a tight ship, so get ready to work!
She runs a tight ship over at Buy More Stuff Inc.

9.run a temperature

(verb phrase) have a slightly elevated temperature, not as severe as run a fever.
The baby is running a temperature.
Use this thermometer to check if you’re running a temperature.

10.run around like a chicken with its head cut off

(verb phrase – idiomatic) go crazy, act without any sense.
Stop running around like a chicken with its head cut off and tell me what happened!
She ran around like a chicken with its head cut off when she heard the bad news.

11.run for it

(verb phrase) try to escape.
Run for it! The cops are coming!
He decided to make a run for it and sprinted to his car.

12.run in the family

(verb phrase) be a characteristic that is common in one’s family.
Musical talent runs in my family.
I think his ability with children runs in the family.

13.run into a stone wall

(verb phrase) not be able to progress through a situation.
We ran into a stone wall when we tried to get a building permit.
Don’t ask for a raise now. You’ll run into a stone wall.

14.run out of gas

(verb phrase) not have any more gas in your car.
We’re going to run out of gas soon. We’d better stop.
He ran out of gas and had to walk three miles to the closest gas station.

15.run someone ragged

(verb phrase) make someone very tired because you push them to do too many things.
Her son run her ragged when he was over the holidays.
She says her boss runs everyone ragged at her place of employment.

16.run something up

(verb phrase) to charge something, to make a bill.
Peter ran his clothes up on his Visa card.
He’s run up quite the bill at the local tavern.

17.still waters run deep

(idiomatic phrase) people who are calm are very wise.
Just listen to him for a while. Still waters run deep.
Remember still waters run deep. It might take some time to figure out.

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