Last week’s writing is about “family”. You all really did a good job as we can feel your strong feelings of love, gratitude, etc. Here we want to give you some advice on writing about family (as well as writing about people):
1. If you are writing about a person, you need to give details. For instance, we all have mothers, then what makes your mother so different for you? You can ask yourself: what does she look like? What did she do when you met your turning point in life? What action she made that impressed you most? Some of you gave an account for something small like walking with grandfather in the morning, which is fantastic.
2. Pay attention to the different tenses that you are using. English is a chronological language. We just love to know when something happened, and this is indicated by the range and depth of our verb tenses. The three forms in every verb are: Infinitive , Past , and Perfect. You should figure when to change your verbs and how.
3. Correct English writing is important. If you don’t know the words for sure, look them up in the dictionary. And try to use the words you’re familiar with. Sometimes, a beginner uses big words to show his/her increasing vocabulary, but it is unnecessary and may result the mistakes in expression of the sentences.
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Many of you wrote about your father or mother. So many touching stories! Here are 3 paragraphs from your writings that we think may inspire you:
(From Hg) So far my family concern we are four members . (There are four members in my family.) Today I’m going to speak about my super cool mother. Actually I love my whole family and its it’s hard to choose any (only) one member (to talk about). In fact I believe that the FAMILY is acronym for Father And Mother I Love You. So about my mother ….actually I don’t know where to start but ok . My mom is my first teacher not only in education but (also) in life .She tought (taught) me (almost) every thing, like how to talk, how to study even how to behave (properly). I’m doing engineering but sometime (sometimes) I ask her for help even now and she (can still) tell (tells) me (the) easiest way. Today whatever I am because of her . (She makes me who I am today.) She is so caring and I would like to share one thing about her, (which) is she can’t see anyone starving . Every year she save (saves) some money and donate (donates) to orphanages. And she always say(says): “Don’t fight for any reason. Love each other “. This is the (a) simple try to describe her. But I know words can’t describe her.(But I know the description above is far from enough.)Thank you so much for reading and do love each other.
(From shahan khan) Let’s make a family…..
A family with little love,
A family with little quarrel,
A family with some adjustments,
A family with some jealousness (jealousies),
A family with some smiles,
A family with some cries,
A family with neighbors,
A family with friends,
A family with team,
A family with almost everyone.
So! Let’s make a family…..
Where we don’t allow
Anyone to hate (there is no hatred)
Where we don’t allow
Anyone to show selfishness (there is no selfishness)
Let’s make a family
That lasts happily (where happiness lasts) forever.
(From bint e jalal) Family is your weapon through you can face any situation in any difficult way (when you face any difficulties) It gives you support, courage and also motivation to move forward. Family is your shelter, in which you live easily without any hasitations( far away from harm), and you can share you happiness and sorrows and also problems with your family. Without family, you’re nothing. (In my view) (if) you are body and (then)family is your soul, you are (a) seed and (then) family (is) your soil in which (nourishes) you grow.