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男底色.pngWhat are you doing?

女底色.pngI’m just trying to complete today’s crossword puzzle. Whenever I get the time, I like to do the crossword puzzles in the paper.

男底色.pngYou really like games that make you think, don’t you? 

女底色.pngI guess you could say that. What kind of games do you like?

男底色.pngI guess the games I like the most are the ones that I’m good at! 

女底色.pngDoesn’t everyone? Which games are those?

男底色.pngWell, I like to play darts. Whenever I go to a bar, I usually play for a few hours. 

女底色.pngDid you play a lot of games when you were little?

男底色.pngMy parents used to love to play checkers and dominoes. We used to have family tournaments every weekend.