Writing Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the three LUCKY winners for the U-Dictionary Writing Club Contest:

Shahan Khan


Ponciano S. Galang备选3


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PLEASE NOTE, as elaborated in the last note, our rule is:
“Winners need to contact U-Dictionary by replying the comment in the app with his/her email address within 48 hours of the name being announced. An official email from U-Dictionary will be sent afterward. It would be considered as giving up claiming rights otherwise.”
We are overwhelmed to get back so many amazing articles and it was indeed a difficult choice for us to make given the quota is limited. It did take us some days to read through all your works among which the winners’ were chosen after a discussion by a panel of judges. The reasons they were selected are just as what we value – with true sentiment, original and personal, creative and touching, strongly stick to the rules, appropriate word count, etc. There may be some small grammar or spelling mistakes with their works, but this is exactly why we encourage everyone to participate – be confident in yourself. You don’t have to be perfectly correct in English to be the best.
Yet we were impressed and touched by a lot of amazing works. Such as the praise given to guards in a poem, the affection shown to loved ones, the thanks to U-Dictionary for bettering their lives, the deep understanding and life experience on gratitude…and so on. We must say we really are PROUD of you. Thank you all for helping make this contest a success!
For those who missed the contest, don’t regret. Stay tuned on your U-Dictionary App and our social media newsfeed for not missing the future campaigns anymore. More surprises are waiting for you!

Look forward to your reply!

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