Writing Club: Let’s Write about Our Family!

The writing contest obviously turned all of you into talented writers! Congratulation! Now you can express your own feelings in English. You just need more practice to improve your writing skills.

Remember: Practice makes perfect!

This week, our writing theme is “family”. In the writing contest, some of you told so many touching stories of your lovely family members. We encourage you to express your true feelings, write about your own stories, and thus you can use English freely in your daily life.
Happy multi-generation family lying outdoors
So here are the requirements:
1. Write about “family“. You can elaborate only one family member, showing your own feelings for him/her. Or you can tell us impressive things that have deep influence on you two. Or you can write down your understanding of “family”.Try to give more details instead of just telling who he/she is.
2. Original, simple but organized. Try to make fewer mistakes by checking your spelling when you finish. And you should write within 200 words.
3. 3 days for writing. Next Tuesday (Oct. 17th) will be the last day for this writing practice.
4. Post your articles in the comment area below.
We will read your articles carefully, giving feedback soon. By the way, you are encouraged to interact with others in the comment area, helping each other learn English.
We hope you enjoy our writing club!

Look forward to your reply!

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  • One day when I was 8 to 10 year old, I was playing Carrom board with my father. I was winning but suddenly my father takes all gotties and I was in losing state. I was player among all my age mates and they are seeing the game. I went to washroom and satrt crying. When I come back my father noted this and end the game and gave me a lesson that I know you are good player but sometimes in life your confidence is high your experience is good in one word you are genius but then you are lose. So, don’t feel sorry again stand up and fight again the problems you will definitely win but don’t lose your confidence because it is your tool that will definitely helps you…so cheers up..
    Then I found it is not necessary that all the times you win, sometimes you lose but this lose give you a lesson plz find that lesson not sorry for the lose.

      • Family a six letters word stringed together, however has a vast and a profound Ness of its own . Evolved from the medieval ages of history , today is also an integral part of any society , a spur in the civilizations have endured from families.Although today the lacuna has been accounted for the lowering emotional bonds in a family. This gap could be on account of work life balance , setting up priorities .A religious adherence towards society on forming a family is marked as least interested task for the young generations. The most shocking examples are those countries who had been the epitome of family values and traditions , for instance Japan , whose youth population are turning towards Buddhism and becoming monks for the reason that they aint have time for themselves and likewise . This is not the only example there are numerous countries in Europe who have fallen in traps to avoid being a part of family. Nevertheless , a family is for ones well being and soon to be an active citizen of the country with staunch values . Thanks

    • Cool father! Here a saying goes: what does not kill you makes you stronger.

  • Firstly I would tell how many members are there in my family and than I will go to describe the emotional bonds between me and my father.
    In my family there are five members including me among those my father is the person who is roll model to me. One primary thing which was occured in my past life and I never forget it in my entire life. When i was completed my b. Tech my father has no capabity to promote me to study higher educations. But he was never said like upto now what you had completed the education is enough, from today onwards you need to looking for the job. Instaed of that he said I want to uniqueness to my childrens for that whatever I can do. So dont bother about your life if you want to study further education simply do it I will privide the sources to you other wise you want to do the job, upto getting the job in a reputation company keep trying. These are the words that are coming from my father and I will never forget these words untill I am talking the breath.

    • I like the relationship of father with you . That is emotional that kind of relation I also have with my father

    • Great father! That is a father who will try his best to do whatever he can to help his child.

  • Family.. We can’t elaborate this word because of its widespread circle. Even after that I would like to say something about this which is going on my mind. If you want to know the value of family, you have to go to orphanage and ask to orphan, they will definitely realizing you the important of family. I can’t say that only my mother or my father is an important for me because my brother and sister are important for me also.They all incourage me when I fizzle out.They all get panic when I seek. All these thinks realize me that how much important our family for me. Our family always with us whether our condition is good or not. So, it’s our responsibility to do something good for them so they will proud of us.
    I know there are many mistake that I made here. Forgive me for this. Because I ‘m new here. Please I courage me.

  • Family a word that help me remember my all family member. There are 8 members in my family and we all love one another. In the end i would like to say some words about family that is family is a group of people who help you when you need then and always support you in all your misery and in your good conditions so you also have responsibility to support them when they need you.

  • Family a word that helps me remember my all family member. There are 8 members in my family and we all love one another. In the end i would like to say some words about family that is family is a group of people who help you when you need then and always support you in all your misery and in your good conditions so you also have responsibility to support them when they need you.

  • Family it’s take me 20 years back when I hear this word.
    Family means a grand father grand mother, mother, father, uncle, aunty, brother, sister & soooo on.
    When a child slipped down all the members of family gather in seconds and bothering about the child, all the members sitting around the grand mother and eagerly waiting for the rice with new pickle, walking on the bank of lake with grand father, sleeping outside of house in summer and listening to grand father stories, playing with siblings, cousins in sand and so many things in mind when I listen the word FAMILY.

    Now in this concrete jungle where you find family.

    • In modern life, living in concrete buildings makes our lives different from the past, but family doesn’t fade away as the most important thing about family is the people, not the living environment.

  • Humans are said to be a social animal who lives in a group called family. Family is our support system. My family consists of 10 members and one whom I love the most is my father. My bonding with my father is very strong. He is the hero of my life. We belong to a middle class family. My father does a lot of hard work to make my brother and me educated. I love him the most. Whenever I am sad or depressed I hug my father and all my sadness disappears. He solves every problem of mine. He loves me a lot he is an ideal for me and I want to become like him. I love my father. I love each and every member of my family and always pray to God to keep them healthy.

  • I love my each and all family members! And very very happy forever with them.

  • Well ,as far as my memory is concerned I remember the time when i just completed my secondary school and was ready for the next course of action that was giving exams for entrance in engineering colleges .I was filled with joy and enthusiasm about my future as i was very much confident of being selected in the exam but i didn’t make it to qualify and i got depressed and at that time my father, who was very much strict about my studies came to me. I thought that he will scold me but his reaction was way different than it was assumed to be. He gently rubbed my back and told me not to get depressed as the value of success is only understood after failure and it is the first step to success..💜

  • family is love…..I luv all the members of my family. my mother is my life😘she means a lot to me …and I miss my father soo much ..whom I lost few months ago😞😔…I luvv him so much and I miss him..he’ll always be my hero.

    • Those family members who are gone will accompany us in a new way, and in your heart, your father will still guide you to your future.

  • I’m not writing this paragraph about my any family member. But there is one person who is everything to me can’t take her name but I can do anything for she is my bestfriend. We have alot of memories together and we both are loving our friendship

  • My parents have 4 children and i am yashish one of them. Family have two bros and two sis. And I am big bro. We leave in agra also known to be love city. The Naughtiest one is my younger brother, He is quite addicted of sketching. And my sisters are like “beauties and brain exist”. But the most important and inspiring person is my father. My idol. The story of his success is very very much inspiring. A boy who don’t have chapati to eat, the only boy in village to pass 10th grade. The man who give more than half of his life in serving the nation in indian army. And yet serving the nation as farmer. And yet never complain of anything. And becomes the best father there children. He never sacrifice the education of there children. And always stand as wall behind us to help and protect from any problem. He is one man army to me and always be. And he is the person who curves our family to sweet and happy family……

  • First of all I faequa zarreen want to say thanks to give me this great opportunity to introduce my family with all of u.
    My family is my strength but I have to tell that how many members in my family what they are for me…..
    I have four sisters and two brothers but it’s a nice co-incidence that I m in middle,two sisters nd one Bro is elder to me and similarly two sisters and one Bro is younger to me..
    Bit I have a big family because my family is joint family and there was a very precious thing in my family and he was my uncle but unfortunately we lost him before 6 years.
    Actually he was not my uncle he was my life and when I saw this article that write about your family I only thought about my uncle,without him life is only going on but it’s not perfect.
    I MISSED him every moment of my life and I cry from bottom of my heart for him.
    I told him not uncle he was my mumma because he really deserved this name..
    Mumma means love of two mothers and he loved us like two mothers actually I have no words to describe his love..when he gone I wanted to also die but…….
    He was lawyer but he was very honest and one thing more I look like him it’s a greatest thing for me and he had given me this name FAEQUA ZARREEN
    Guys I am not writing these things for praise but I can write many things about him.
    I missed him so much and love too I know very well that he will never come but he will always present in me,my thinking,my life…
    Guys please pray for him I know he is in heaven but I want u all pray from him…
    Thank you so much to give me chance to write about his love but it was less because no words for him.

  • Hi!!
    Family is everything for me. When there is happy or sad moments my family is always with me.first my mom she is my life whatever i want she will give me. she always encouraged me.My father ofcourse
    his my king. He struggle for us just to make us happy.My sister she did my work whenever i need her she always b there.My naughty brothers always tease & irritate me but when i’m sad they can’t see tears in my eyes just do such a idiot things to make me happy. Family is everything without family i can’t live don’t know when i’ll get marry how I’ll live when i think that seriously i don’t want marry.i just share my feeling not to win and can’t explain the meaning of family y

  • First of all, I thanks to you great opportunity for my family introducing.There are four members in our family.
    Our family facing many financial problems. My brother is a private worker. I also working as a private employee.

  • A word that describes the people that lives with you is sometimes called family … Aahh… Family … Special peoples like my mother , father , brother and sister makes my life complete … And they are my life… As food is important for life…. My parents and my sweet brother and sister are important for me …… And according to my thoughts its enough for understanding that life means to love someone and I love my family …… They are very special for me…. And I am missing my mother and sister because now they are out of city …. Love you my family…..

  • We are 4 family members in our family. My father mother and me, and my brother. My father is a pharmacist and my mother is a housewife. My brother is an engineer. He stays in ghy. From our childhood we stays in ghy only and we completed our study in ghy itself. We have lots of friends here.

  • Family, I can’t express this word in lines. But still , I would like to share some feeling of my heart.My family is everything for me & Specially my father. He is the role model for me. I used to be an average student & never dream anything big, but when I look over my father & seeing his determination to eduacte his children & I ask myself why we are not upto his expectation. What’s wrong with us. Seriously this feeling eat me up from inside. Then one day I decided, I will show to my father that how much I love him & got the 1st rank in my 12 cls. My aim is to become a proud CA & CS so that I can give everything to my family which they desire for.
    My parent is more precious to me than my life. I can do anything for them & One day all my words become ture. Inn Sha Allah.

    • Fathers always want to give the best to their kids. Do not put yourself under the pressure of your father. I am sure he will be proud of every achievement you make. Go for it!

  • So far my family concern we are four members . Today I’m going to speak about my supercool mother. Actually I love my whole family and its hard to choose any one member infact I believe that the FAMILY is acronym for FatherAnd Mother I Love You. So about my mother ….actually I don’t know where to start but ok . My mom is my first teacher not only in education but in life .She tought me every thing like how to talk how to study even how to behave. I’m doing engineering but sometime I ask her for help even now and she tell me easiest way . Today whatever I am because of her . She is so caring and I would like to share one thing about her is she cant see anyone starving . Every year she save some money and donate to orphanage.And she always say “Don’t fight for any reason . Love each other “. This is the simple try to describe her but I know words can’t describe her . Thank you so much for reading and do love each other.

    • How kind you mother is! Really, father may guide your career, but mother builds your character.

  • One of the best blessings I got from God is my family. I am very thankful to my parents because they are always with me in my happy or worst situation of my life. My role model is my elder sister. Without my sister no work is feasible for me. As we learn good things from our family. One of my good thing I learn is to wake up daily early morning and worship which is really important. The inner beauty comes out when we worship and slowly the negative thoughts are converted into positive. Best feeling I get when I am with my family. Always want my family to be with me.

  • Everyone must have a source of inspiration and encouragement in their live. The famous idols like famous singer Agnes Monica, footballer like Christian Ronaldo, and famous actor like Orlando Bloom are some examples of famous idols giving inspiration and positive lives to many. If everyone has a source of inspiration from their idols, but not for me. As for me, my source of inspiration is none other than my beloved mother. My mother is someone who will do anything for her children. She is someone who very important in my life. She always helps and keeps me. No one can’t replace her place.

    Mother is the most important person in our life. I called my mother, mom at home and everywhere. Now my mother is 55 years old but her look belies her age as most people are fooled into thinking that she is 5 year younger. She is very beautiful with black curly hair. She has black eyes and medium nose. She is rather plump.

    I could still remember how she embraced me, the soft embraced and her hand which stroke my hair. Every day, I can still smell her perfume. I can still remember how she gently kiss me on my cheek and she leaves red lipsticks marks. I could remember how she always puts me in bed, whispering “shalawat” into my ears, and kiss me on my forehead.

    My mother has always been very patient with me. She always gives me advises and support whenever I need them. She always in my side during good and bad time. She always lend her shoulder for me to cry on during the bad time. She takes good care on me and my other siblings. She nursed me when I was sick, she always anxious me when I don’t on her side. She angry with me when I do something wrong. She is a good listener when I told my story. My mother is one of the most important motivators in my life. It is because she always encourage me to study hard and always give me a lot of boost.

    My mother works very hard day and night. It is because she wants to ensure that her children get comfortable life and can study well. That makes her doesn’t think about herself again.

    Here I would like to thank to God for giving her in my life. No amount of money I can repay for all the kindness and love that she had given for me. I shall always cherish the sweetest memories of her for as long as I live. This memories shall always remain fresh in my mind. My mother is truly a source of encouragement and inspiration. I always love you mom..

    • We can feel your strong love for your mom. A good mom and a good daughter. Wish you two happy everyday!

  • For me the meaning of Family is only Mom & Dad. I think everyone is blessed with parents, such a precious and trustworthy people on the planet. When it’s about family I have lots of thing and sweet memories to share, especially about my Mom who is the only person who stays forever with me in each and every stages of my life very firmly and with grit . She is person who always looks for family members and never care for herself. Here, I remeber one incident when I wanted to migrate to abroad for my further education. At the starting, she was totally against of this as she didn’t want me to go alone because as a girl she was so much worried and tensed about me. I am so stubborn that even by knowing all this I continued with my all process to study in abroad. After getting result and being selected by one of the colleges of abroad, she had started supporting me a bit. As time passed, she also started to encourage me and to fulfil my all dreams and passion in life. She is the only person who stand along with me when no one was there. So, it’s well said that “Mother and motherhoo is best ever emotion we are blessed.” Mom is backbone of Family…

    • Can’t agree with you more. Unselfish and caring mother is a bless for every family.

  • I have five members in my family .I have my parents (father& mother) ,two brothers and one sister.my father is doing business in my native place.my brothers is also doing business in deoghar.

  • My family is my strength…. My paa… M mom… My cuddlesome bro n me… M very lucky to have family like this…. Family is always with us in our bad as well as good time…. I really enjoy my life…. My father is a only one person to whom ilove most… Most.. Most…. He always fulfilled my every wish… And feel proud on Me… He always treated me a boy…. But now its time of my marrige…. Within few days I’ll go to next home for my new life.. No doubt my in laws family is also very comfortable and understandable.. But really its very hard to leave our family and stay in other house…. I love my family.. Plz god give me great courage to settled down my life.

    • Congratulations Preet !!!

      May God give you all the courage and strength needed and live a happy life.

    • Congratulations! Wish you happy wedding, sweet love.
      When you become a husband, a future father, the courage will come to you as you feel the responsibility of taking the roles.

  • Luckily i have a small family. There are 5members in mine family.Each member best in their own way.There were alot of up/downs in life_but we survive
    Strongly holding hand of each other.As every family have differnt type of characters. Each member hold their own point of view.The best story was when i was a child mine parents took me to doctor…in past days when my father suffering i admit him in hospital and took care of him. Even i offer him food with spoun…That time the whole mine childhood scenirio rotate in front of mine eyes.Love uH life_the family is the surprising giFt

    • Family, the source of the strength to conquer any difficulties.

  • Some 3-4 years back ,when I got up early in the morning and was beasy with my daily schedule of early morning, although it was a holiday. My grandfather who used to spend little time with me on daily basis, said in a very elated voice and expression ” let’s go for a walk “. Although I was little surprised but still I did not counter questioned and agreed to be with him on morning walk. It was really beautifull morning and things were admirable all around.

    We spend almost 3 hrs talking and sharing our views on different aspects. I seriously don’t know why it lasted for so long but it was not boring session. Being a very popular figure, there were many to greet him all the way our common interest of morning walk lasted. Lots of advise, intellectual talks and that also without recognising the age difference we had. More than grandfather, he was like my best friend, guide in daily course of action, true advisor and to some extent a role model also. This mutual existence of ours on this planet probably became unacceptable by almighty and I lost him with in one month of that holiday we had spend going for a morning walk.

    Now, I don’t have anyone who would say “let’s go for a walk”.

    • Pray for your grandfather. And we believe he will still guide you in another way.

  • Well……. While I was about to start write about the given title I scrolled down the page and I found lot of people wrote about their parents. Well…. If we have parents we are the luckiest people because some friends are there who don’t have their parents but instead of feeling lonely and broken they take their friends as their family .
    when someone is really upset in town and always keeps remembering about his parents , definitely he feels home sickness but slow and steady he makes some friends and they become his second family .
    Luckily I got best parents ever and i can’t judge them who is best or who is very close to me because both of my mother and father is very good for me they cater all facilities for me, take good care of each other and definitely when all members of family are liable and honest for each other it makes them more confident and it makes a rigid bound between them.
    I have put all my messy ideas in this para which came in my mine after watching this title .
    Thank you

  • Family 👪 is a word, which contain so many members in itself, they are not only one or 10 ,they are so many. And we are living in India, 😊where relations are so crucial for everyone. Everyone ‘S life walk around his family only, he do or live for his family only. In my life also each member is as special as everyone, but we have some one more special in our life ,and for me he is my father 😘,who teach me how to take right decision in our life through his stories, he told me that today if u take decision in imotions, for our family then it will effect our tomorrow and also our family .life is a arena,where sometime we are happy or win, some time we loss, sometime people are with us,but we don’t know next second they are with us or not. But you have to live ur life as a worrier who will win in the last. And all his words give me succees at every turn of life. Love you papa😘😘

    • Your father is like your mentor. Wish you two happy everyday!

  • My family-my role model

    My family consists of five members. It is my role model. The family members are my pillars of strength. They are my guide and they give me courage to battle any obstacle in life. My family is very important for me because the members have encouraged me in good times and supported me in bad times.
    My mother is my biggest role model in family since childhood. God can’t be everywhere so he made mothers. She have encouraged me to fight challenges. She is a hardworking woman and works day and night. There are no words to express about her. She has nursed me during my sickness. Her smile gives me comfort and confidence.
    One day while playing cricket with my friends I broke the jar which was kept in my neighbours window. Everyone ran away from the field but I went to the neighbours house and asked for forgiveness, I was forgived.As my mother has taught me to ask forgiveness on doing something wrong. She has taught me to be kind, polite, humble, truthful, forgiving and helpful with others. She is like a lighting lamp to this dark world.
    What I am today and will be in future involves support and affection of my family. My family has showed me to find the little Ray of happiness in difficult situations. They fill sweetness in my life. They have turned me into a fighter in the war of life.


  • Hi What tell about my family in my family there are bit of people like mother father sister and some kind of cousin brother and stuff i am living in oman and all my freinds are like my brothers and i like them all ok good bye

  • Let’s make a family…..
    A family with little love,
    A family with little quarrel,
    A family with some adjustments,
    A family with some jealousness,
    A family with some smiles,
    A family with some cries,
    A family with neighbors,
    A family with friends,
    A family with team,
    A family with almost everyone.
    So! let’s make a family…..
    Where we don’t allow
    Anyone to hate,
    Where we don’t allow
    Anyone to show selfishness,
    Let’s make a family
    That lasts happily forever.

    • You again! We know you from our writing contest. Nice writing. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • Hey friend I am new here
    Family it’s a lovely word.
    In my family we are 6 members
    My father. My mamma,I am an eleder sister and two younger sister and a my loving brother
    I tell you about my Mamma
    She is very intelligent kind of person. She is also my best friend I m share with her all secrets.
    She is housewife and she handles all the responsibility very easily
    She shouted at me when I m trying to ignore her. I am living in the hostel for last 2 years for my studies. I talk her over the phone daily or 4-5 times in a day. She loves me very much. When I go to home,she makes many varieties of my favourite dishes she makes specially for me. I love her so much. She is my world. I don’t want to live without her anymore.she wants to make me become an IAS officer. I try to my best for become her dream comes true. She wakes up in the early morning for call me for my studies.

  • When i kid my chachu played with me in everyday but one day i played game i will not forget because we were playing football just penelty we dicided before 3 goals he will be win and
    we started game and scored 2 -0 I did 2 and next turned chachu did 3 goals and i upset and sit in room my chachu said no i didnt win i did cheat with you game not finish lets go and play with me i want 3 goals to win and you just 1 and he will lose the match but i know won purposely

  • When i say family ..thats means every things important to me in my life…im a lucky person because having my family around me in happy situation or bad situation…..from my father i learnd how to be strong in this life..how to orgnizs my life..how to control my time…my father is my hero in this life. Love him so much…my mother she is an amazing and a bure person…from her i learned the means of love,care,and beaty…..l love spending time with my lovely family…and a don’t amagen my life with out one of them around me

    • We all value our family because it is the start of ourselves and will always accompany us.

  • For me, the word ‘family’ is very significant. I live with my father, mother and my beloved elder sister. My mother has a great influence on me. She always encourages me to go on this long way. She always inspires me to do something good,to help others. I like to share my good and sorrowful moments with my mother. I enjoy the time much, when I play games with her. She is the person from whom l have learnt the importsnce of love,care,affection and of myself. But I admire my father and sister so much. I know the importance of family but I also know that I wil realize the full importance of my family when it will be no longer with me. So I don’t want to know the full importance of it, I don’t want to lost it..


    • We all want all our family members to accompany us to the end of life. But what is really important, we should treat other better to value the time we spend together. Happy for you!

  • FAMILY:- A six letter word ; which symbolise pure love and lots of cute fights.family means a bunch of annoying people who loves you more than anyone in the world. We are 5 members in our HOME SWEET HOME. I love all my family members. I would like to elaborate my sweet mom. My mom calls me” sheru” and I’m 20 pretty annoying but loving at the same time. We love each other so much but we never agreed on same things. After completing my 12th(P.C.M),it was time to select my field. So I decided to be a journalist. I was a student of science,so my father denied my decision.My momzy and I tried many times to convince my father. He again denied. After sometime I was ready to quit my dreams. But my mom constantly encourages me to not give up . At last my momzy convinced my dad. I was amazed when my dad said yes because convincing an army officer (my dad) was almost impossible but the twist was that I have to complete my bsc first. After completing my graduation, Now I’m in first year of mass communication. It was only my momzy who believes in me. Now I’m living my dream,Just because of angle of our home(my sweetest momzy).
    Keep calmn n love MOMZY.

    • Congratulations on choosing the dream job you want. Family is always our support. Look forward to our next journalist-shruti!

  • On hearing this word, it straight drives my mind to my childhood where we learnt how to use acronyms. We had an acronym and that was FAMILY. it stood for Father and Mother I Love You. During our lifetimes we get the least of time to spend with our dads. A person who does everything just to fulfill our demands. But we were off to sleep when at night he came home just to see us, expecting that their kid will smile and hug him. He never complained for it. As we grow up, our demands turn bigger. When he knows about it from our mothers, he always said i will get it. No matter what strain he had to go through, he borrowed, did overtime whatever it took for him to just make you smile. Even after your youth he stands for you in every dufficulties, situations, no matter what he might go through in that situation. Love you Dad.

    • So creative to think of FAMILY! Strong father and happy family.

  • Family is your weapon through you can face any situation in any difficult way, it gives you support, courage and also motivation to move forward, family is your shelter, in which you live easily without any hasitations, and you can share you happiness and sorrows and also problems with your family, without family you’re nothing you are body and family is your soul, you are seed and family your soil in which you grow.

  • When I think about word family the first word that clicks to my mind is encouragement . A happy family always encourage us to do good. I also have a huge family which is my priority . It may make me feel sometimes down,
    But every person does that there’s nothing to feel bad about it even I do this thing with others. Family may seen us sometimes our enemy but they are never according to me. Sometimes I also feel like my family is my enemy but at last I felt to know that they are not . A simple funda for having a happy family is respect them , forgive them and love them from core of your heart because as much you do this you will gain it with double interest.
    There are many things that we cannot share with our family, when they ask us about this we feel like suspect and we start arguments. In this type situation what I do is I simply tell them that cannot share every personal thing with them as I am human I also need some privacy. Then they they always let me go.
    Never forget family
    Cares about us they always want to ensure that we are moving along a right path or not , that’s why they interfere in our personal matters. Do feel like that they have doubt about your character , they just want to ensure.
    At last I only want to say that you don’t need to follow me instructions just what you have to do is love them ……💗💗

    • All the unhappiness in our family is because of love. We love each other but maybe not in the right way. But the unhappiness won’t last long because of love.

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