The writing contest obviously turned all of you into talented writers! Congratulation! Now you can express your own feelings in English. You just need more practice to improve your writing skills.

Remember: Practice makes perfect!

This week, our writing theme is “family”. In the writing contest, some of you told so many touching stories of your lovely family members. We encourage you to express your true feelings, write about your own stories, and thus you can use English freely in your daily life.
Happy multi-generation family lying outdoors
So here are the requirements:
1. Write about “family“. You can elaborate only one family member, showing your own feelings for him/her. Or you can tell us impressive things that have deep influence on you two. Or you can write down your understanding of “family”.Try to give more details instead of just telling who he/she is.
2. Original, simple but organized. Try to make fewer mistakes by checking your spelling when you finish. And you should write within 200 words.
3. 3 days for writing. Next Tuesday (Oct. 17th) will be the last day for this writing practice.
4. Post your articles in the comment area below.
We will read your articles carefully, giving feedback soon. By the way, you are encouraged to interact with others in the comment area, helping each other learn English.
We hope you enjoy our writing club!