Sir, Madam, Mr., Mrs., Miss and Ms.

1. In western countries, many titles are used.
2. Men are usually called Mister.
3. Women can have different titles.
4. A woman can choose her title.
5. If she is married, she can call herself Mrs. or Ms.
6. If a woman is unmarried, she can call herself Miss or Ms.
7. So when do we use Sir or Madam?
8. They are often used in formal letters.
9. Sometimes we hear people call others Sir or Madam.
10. Yes. They are formal terms and very polite.
11. So how do we know when to use them?
12. Well, if you don’t know people, you can use those terms.
13. It is considered too polite.
14. Some people would think so, but don’t worry about it.
15. Most people don’t mind if you guess.