Learning English Phrases Everyday(14)

1. expand

Today we are going to learn “expand”. If something such as a business, organization, or service expands, or if you expand it, it becomes bigger and includes more people, goods, or activities.
(1) German grocery chain Aldi said it would invest $3.4 billion to expand its U.S. store base to 2,500 by 2022.
(2) The computer industry has expanded greatly over the last decade.


2. on hold

Another word is “on hold”. If you put something on hold, you decide not to do it, deal with it, or change it now, but to leave it until later.
(1) The parts of Trump’s executive order that prevent people from entering the US remain on hold.
(2) India put the peace dialogue on hold after the attacks, but agreed to resume it earlier this year.

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