Talk:He had no manners at all!


/If you don’t understand any word or sentence, you can copy to translate/

男底色.pngWe are going out for dinner tonight. Are you coming, Betty? 

女底色.pngI’m not sure. I have to check my schedule. Where are you going?

男底色.pngOh, Jake made a reservation at Friday’s.


男底色.pngYes, the one with the R and D team. Is that a problem? 

女底色.pngI will never go out with him anymore.

男底色.pngWhy did you say so? 

女底色.pngLast time when we had dinner at the Smith’s, it was a horrible experience. He had no manners at all!

男底色.pngOh, really? 

女底色.pngHe made a lot of noises while eating. He talked with his mouth full and sipped loudly.

男底色.pngAre you kidding me? How could he behave like that?

女底色.pngIt is true. Everyone kept looking at him. It was so embarrassing as I was sitting right next to him. Maybe he should really learn something about eating etiquette. 

男底色.pngOh, he really should.

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