Learning English Phrases Everyday(9)

1. law enforcement

Today we are going to learn “law enforcement”. Law enforcement agencies or officials are responsible for catching people who break the law.
(1) According to law enforcement officials, a gunman identified as a doctor opened fire inside the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital in New York , killing a woman and wounding several people before killing himself.
(2) Law enforcement officials in Florida are warning boaters to be safe during July 4th celebrations.

2. scandal

Another word is “scandal”. It means an event in which someone, especially someone important, behaves in a bad way that shocks people.
(1) After six months of scandals and public relations crises, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick resigned.
(2) According to an auditor’s report, state companies at the heart of Mozambique’s debt scandal failed to account for at least a quarter of more than $2 billion in questionable loans.

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