For Girls: How To Start A New Relationship?

1. Glam yourself up
Getting back out into the dating world is a lot like going on job interviews. In fact, it is more of a job interview when you think about it. That being said, you could be a perfectly lovely person but if you do not groom yourself, you are not going to have much luck.
By all means, if you feel like trying a new look like a new hair color or cut, or new clothes, or getting a makeup makeover, go for it. But make sure the person you are true to is yourself.
Do not go goth unless that is what you truly want. You never want to make a drastic change to yourself in hopes of impressing someone else. Make it the best version of yourself so you feel truly recharged.
2. Do something interesting
Get into your hobbies again. It is through these things that you might meet someone new that you will build a relationship with. But even if you don’t, a person that has their own interests and doesn’t sit around waiting for life to happen is infinitely more attractive. Besides, it will keep you busy and busy keeps you from wallowing in loneliness.
3. Do not think every date could be “The One”
You will be super disappointed if you do. You may go out on a date with a guy and think you had a fabulous time. He even kissed you goodnight and said he was going to call, but then he never did. Ditch your expectations and just go with it. Do not believe promises from people you just met. Let them prove their worth to you to earn your trust.

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