Most Beautiful Thing in The World

An artist who had painted many pictures of great beauty found that he had not yet painted the one “real ” picture.
In his search along a dusty road, he met an aged priest who asked him where he was going .
“I do not know, ” said the artist, “I want to paint the most beautiful thing in the world . Perhaps you can direct me to it. “
“How simple, ” replied the priest, “in any church or creed, you will find it-“faith” is the most beautiful thing in the world. “
The artist traveled on . Later , he met a young bride who told him that the most beautifu thing in the world is :”love”. “love” makes the world go round.
I builds poverty into riches. sweetens tears and makes much of little . Without love there is no beauty.
Still the artist continued his search and met a weary soldier.
The artist asked him the same question and the soldier answered, “Peace” is the most beautiful thing in the world.
War is ugly and wherever you find peace you’ll find beauty, faith and love.
“How can I paint them- Faith, Love and Peace?” thought the artist.
As he resumed his walk, his mind wondered on the “real ”picture he hoped to paint.He was surprised that without thinking where he was going, he had reached his familiar surrounding.
As he entered the doorway, light glistened in his eyes and he realized that his search was over.
In the faces of his wife and children,he saw love and Faith.”Not a minute passed by that our children and l had not thought of you.
We prayed that you would return to us safely,”his wife said as they embraced him.He sat on his favourite old chair and his heart was at peace.
The artist painted the most beautiful thing in the world and called it “HOME”.

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  • this is the most beautiful story i ever read.the most importand think is love makes faith,and faith makes peace. in this three word makes the beautiful family.

  • I think this is the real story I had never rad like it. In fact, combination of these words which is indicates the beautiful home. I really appreciate to this story and also who writes it.

  • Really the peace at home is unparallel .As there is no substitute for a mother, there is no match of a home where lies a loving family.

  • This story describes the truth of life describing the three most important wheels on which life runs… And how one’s imbalance affects the other and the life itself…

  • This is the imagine story but very inspiring.if someone will read it. They also inspiring this story and respect our family and home.

  • was really mesmerizing ..I had not heard a story like this before..these are the most beautiful three words that make a family.But these three words can also bring forth universal brotherhood and peace.

  • I am glad to see this kind of article . It’s peaceful to see how deadly and incrediable beautiful our world is .

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