Learning English Phrases Everyday(6)

1. stir

Today we are going to learn “stir”. If an event causes a stir, it causes great excitement, shock, or anger among people.
(1) When Ivnaka Trump sat in on behalf of her father during a working session at the Group of 20 Summit, her presence caused a stir among Trump critics on social media.
(2) An episode of the reality TV show “Live PD” which showed a suspect struggling with an officer even as he held his daughter created a stir among audiences.

2. plummet

Another word is “plummet”. It means to suddenly and quickly decrease in value or amount.
(1) US crude oil prices plummeted, as news of a rise in US oil production weighed heavily on the commodity.
(2) Malaysia remains two spots ahead of Singapore in the latest FIFA rankings, but both nations plummeted on the most recent list below Myanmar, Bhutan and the Solomon Islands.

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