Future Technology: Preserve Bodies in The Space


Russia is set to blast frozen dead people into space after having them cryogenically preserved.

Firm KrioRus said frozen bodies, DNA samples and even the bodies of pets could be blasted into the atmosphere.
The multi-million pound firm already has 54 people and 21 animals from all across the world within their labs – and a further 200 signed-up for the service.
The aim is to preserve dead bodies immediately after someone passes, before launching them into the atmosphere – where it would then cost upwards of 240,000 pounds to keep them there.
Those who have paid hundreds of thousands of pounds for the service wear a device on their wrist throughout their life which then alerts KrioRus once they’ve died.

KrioRus announced its ‘space plans’ last month, explaining that they have made an agreement with Space Technologies, a new science and tech consortium.

Since 2005, the KrioRus company says it has frozen the bodies and brains of 54 people, eight dogs, nine cats, three birds, and incredibly, even one pet chinchilla. Now the plans are to launch these corpses into space.
The team they have joined with, Space Technologies, is a new one, being registered only last year.
Under the futuristic plans these frozen bodies will not “just be hanging around in orbit” but kept in secure pods, but detailed plans are going no further than that at present.
Yulia Arkhipova, general director of Space Technologies excitedly said: “Satellites with cryo-capsules will be launched into orbit by Russian rockets.”

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