Learning English Phrases Everyday(4)

1. approval rating

Today we are going to learn “approval rating”. It means a rating based on a percentage of people (as voters) who think someone (as a politician) is doing a good job.
(1) A new poll has found, only 36% of Americans approve of President Trump’s performance in the Oval Office, which gives Trump the lowest approval rating at the six-month mark of any president in 70 years.
(2) Amidst an ongoing battle against ISIS-linked militants in the south of the country, and accusations of human rights abuses, Philipphines President Rodrigo Duterte has experienced a boost in his approval rating, according to a new survey.

2. impoverished

Another word is “impoverished”. It means poor enough to need help from others.
(1) North Korea, desperate for foreign currency, has sent tens of thousands of its impoverished citizens to cities and towns across Russia to work at construction sites.
(2) The two Yemeni military sources said many newly-recruited pro-government soldiers were injured in the latest car bomb attack in the impoverished Arab country.

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