1. parole

Today we are going to learn “parole”. It means permission for someone to leave prison, on the condition that they promise to behave well.
(1) O.J. Simpson has been granted parole after nine years in prison for a robbery in Las Vegas, a group of four Nevada commissioners decided on July 20th.
(2) A taxi driver was stabbed five times in the face in Rochester NY, and the man accused is currently on parole for a 2011 robbery.

2. cameo

Another phrase is “cameo”. It means a short appearance in a film or play by a well-known celebrity.
(1) Pop star Ed Sheeran’s brief performance, during his cameo in the season premier of “Game of Thrones”, has divided fans on social media.
(2) The sequel to the box office hit “Wonder Woman” may feature a cameo from the original Wonder Woman actress Lynda Carter.