Learning English Phrases Everyday(2)

1. at large

Today we are going to learn “at large”. One of the “At large” meaning is that having escaped, especially from confinementhaving escaped, especially from confinement.
(1) Police in northern Switzerland are conducting a manhunt for an attacker who injured five people, including at least one seriously, , and warned the public that the man at large is “dangerous”.
(2) Las Vegas police said, two people were shot on the morning of July 24th at an eastern valley casino, and the shooter is at large.

2. sweltering

Another phrase is “sweltering”. It means extremely hot and uncomfortable.
(1) Besides the eight undocumented immigrants that were found dead inside a sweltering truck in San Antonio, two more people who had been hospitalized have died, making it one of the deadliest human smuggling cases in recent history.
(2) St. Louis will install temporary air conditioners in a sweltering city jail after temperatures in the city topped 100 degrees Fahrenheit, triggering protests outside the prison.

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