Talk: Guilin Is Beautiful!


/If you don’t understand any word or sentence, you can copy to translate/

男底色.pngWow! What a beautiful scenic spot! It’s so open. And just breathe that fresh air, you can almost taste its freshness. 

女底色.pngYou can have a bird view of Guilin City from the top of the mountain.

男底色.pngWonderful! I’ll often come here for mountain climbing. 

女底色.pngYou should. Many Guiliners, especially the old and the young, will climb mountains here in the morning.

男底色.pngNo wonder people say:Even the immortals would rather be Guiliners. 

女底色.pngQuick! Pass me your binoculars. Look at that bird…I’ve never seen one of those before. It’s indigenous to Guilin, and an endangered species too. This is lucky!

男底色.pngI didn’t know you liked bird-watching.

女底色.pngI don’t really. I just like wildlife, and you don’t get to see too much of it in the city. This place is full of it.


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